Palampur Express About

Palampur Express is an endearing, inspirational human drama told through young Pavni whose only desire is to win the Olympic gold. It is the story of power & passion that will touch young hearts of today.<br /> <br /> Pavni is a typical 18-year-old girl living with her father and daadi in a small town, Palampur. Pavni’s only hurdle is her daadi’s disapproval of letting her participate or watch any sports. While her friends are preparing hard for an inter-school athletics tournament, her only wish is to accompany them and cheer them. But on the same day she is required to attend a scholarship examination. But destiny had other plans for Pavni. Circumstances force Pavni to catch up with the school athletic team that leaves for the game and to reach them she speeds ahead of the moving train and manages to reach the team. Her spirit and determination surprises all and she is then bestowed with the title of ‘Palampur Express’.