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-Sarah- 12 1774 12 years ago RosyRosh
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End of PE/Goodbyes/Forum archived

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For all Hiten fans!!!!!!!!

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? end

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PE 26th Oct Written

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how can there be love between pawani and Dev??????

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meenu2007 7 2505 12 years ago sweet @s candy


VIEW ALL right-dir
Tej Sapru
Tej Sapru

as: MLA

Tej''s father and Palampur''s mayor who plans to shut Adarsh Vidyale because Paavni''s disagree to be Tej''s girlfriend

Anita Kulkarni
Anita Kulkarni

as: Shikha Dixit

Paavni'' mother who was the top athlete of her days; mentally imbalanced due to Illa Singh, a friend who betrayed her

Krutika Desai
Krutika Desai

as: Illa Singh

anthlete who was in race with Shikha, and cheated to win the gold medal

Hiten Tejwani
Hiten Tejwani

as: Dev Sisodya

athlete who was in race along with Paavni''s mother, Shika; was also her best friend

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