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Homewrecker? Carmella Thanks For The Support She Received on Unfounded Claims

The WWE wrestler and actress talked about receiving a crazy amount of love and support.


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WWE wrestler and actress, Carmella has been on the receiving end of immense backlash and negativity in the past couple of months where she was the centre of being termed as a homewrecker owing to her relationship with commentator, Corey Greaves. The latter's wife's comments on social media accusing Graves of infidelity have been the central talking point and before any clarification from any sides, Carmella was termed to be a homewrecker and the reason Graves cheated on his wife.

But any of this was never proven and Carmella spoke about it exclusively to E! on Wednesday, where she said, "At that time, I was really trying to stay away from social media. It was so hard. If there's anything I learned from it it's that, at the end of the day, I know who I am and I know my truth. My friends and family know the real me."

Now, Carmella thanks her reality show, Total Divas for being the platform where she could explain her side and the result of that was many people coming up with apologies. She said, "I got such a crazy amount of love and support from the WWE universe and the E! audience last night, even today. It's still pouring over," Carmella, who was born Leah Van Dale, added. "So many people are supportive and even some people are taking back the negative things that they said when they first found out the situation. You know, they didn't know the whole truth."

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