Guess whats keeping Rudrakshi Gupta busy while she is free on sets

In conversation with TellyBuzz, Rudrakshi shares her passion and for singing...

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Talented actors from our television fraternity have hidden talents but what differentiate them from each other are their hobbies. We have with us Rudrakshi Gupta famously known as Harki Devi from Balika Vadhu conversing about how her love for singing!

Read on!!

Rudrakshi shared," I am a Kathak dancer trained under Birju Maharaj ji. While I was learning Kathak, he also trained me in singing. As a Kathak dancer, singing helps me pick up steps at the correct taal of the songs.”

Shedding some light on how she developed a fine interest in singing and dancing, she stated, “I was interested in singing from the time I was young and I hence decided to develop it further. I trained myself for around two to three months and learned the basic sur and taal. Sadly I did not get time for practice as I bagged Balika Vadhu. Now, whenever I am free on sets, I practice religiously. Many of my friends actually tell me to go ahead with singing but as of now, it is not possible. Balika Vadhu has kept me so caught up that I hardly get any time to spend with my husband and kid too. But yes, in a way am quite blessed that people have started liking my work in Balika Vadhu and people are aware about my flair to sing well too. I feel blessed."

Well Rudrakshi, it won't be false if we tell you as an all-rounder!

Upasana Patel

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Shaina_b 8 years ago Why don't they just sell a picture of her and donate the money in her name to charity!!!!!

That would be the perfect solution!!!!!

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soumah33 8 years ago
You are posting the same comment again. Please ensure that your comments are relevant to the page where its posted.
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sherlockthor 8 years ago Aishwarya rai you are the best!! mine and my family's fav actor!! love you!! :)
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preetie 8 years ago seriously it is just a kid and media is going crazy because everyone wants to be first to show the kid to the world. In few years, kid is going to be photpgraphed anyways unless her parents plan on doing "MJ stunt" covering the face with scarfs or masks.
It seems like publicity for for bachans as well. All they need to do is release one pic then media will find something else to do. Bottomline is there are other celebrities who have kids and had no problem with media.
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cherrypansy 8 years ago I hate media who has no work but just to peep in others lives...but I also think as Baccahns are trying to keep more secret, it creating more interest...Once evryone sees the picture of the baby then no curiousity and interest.
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greatsaleen 8 years ago i completely support the Bachchan's right to not let their little girl snapped by media! Let the family be.. there has to be some boundaries!
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Amara_B 8 years ago I don't even like the Bachans, but seriously if they don't want their daughter to be photographed and paraded to the world that's their right. That picture should be banned from circulation, it's an infringment on basic human rights. Children can't choose who they are born to, if they are born into fame and the parents choose to protect them from the glare of the public eye, then they should be able to do this without the media hounding them.
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salonikaur63 8 years ago Why is this media sooo stupid...when they want to show her they will...stop getting into their life...idiots
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Kajol20 8 years ago "her famous parents are uncomfortable with their daughter being a targeted prey for the cameras"
The media are idiots. They should be jailed for this type of behavior. Where I live, you can be sued for this idiocy.
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sravani899 8 years ago why media want a picture of aradhya??
dont they have any other important issues to discuss and publish articles which does some benefit to society and india
why so much buzz and articles about a little girl who is 8 months old
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