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Govinda's "Dostana-types" Proposal!

Govinda was flabbergasted recently when a cross dressed man entered his residential ...

Published: Monday,Nov 30, 2009 20:15 PM GMT-07:00
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Govinda was flabbergasted recently when a cross dressed man entered his residential building in Juhu. He claimed that he wanted to meet the actor but even after his constant badgered the security guards did not give in. He was allowed inside only agter getting the 'okay' from Chi Chi himself.

Once inside, the man had the audacity to propose Govinda! The 'ardent admirer was even willing to go through a sex change operation to marry the Bollywood star! Govinda tired giivng explanations as to why the marriage just can't happen, the man would have given up hope. However, that was not the case at all. The man began to undress himself, feeling it was the needed option.

At this Govinda called in security  and they had to manhandle as a last resort, while Govinda ran for cover! Later, Govinda confirmed the news.

Saah mein Chi Chi bhai, tussi cha gaye!

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