Get One-on-One with your Favourites in Indian Idol!!

Its Special, as Sony's Indian Idol takes a closer look at the contestants in Indian Idol - ROOBAROO every Thursday 9 PM on Sony...

Indian Idol 3 has left all wooing for their favourites!! The Platform for the Contestants is getting Bigger and Bigger as they move towards their Goal of becoming the ‘Bharat Ki Shaan’. The need of the hour is to know these Contestants on a closer level...

Starting Thursday, July 5th, at 9.00 p.m, Sony Entertainment Television will bring an Indian Idol Special called ROOBAROO, a run up episode for the BIG FRIDAY--THE GALA EPISODE. This half hour show is power packed with great entertainment-- catch Emon jamming away his favorite song! Or Charu & Chang, Ankita & Abhishek…and others toil & train round the clock for the big day—the Friday Gala. While the contestants are busy preparing themselves, the camera also zooms to capture some rare & poignant moments that they go through while trying to make music their existence.

Wanna know your Favourites’ likes and dislikes, their dreams, their secrets, more on their personal life, their favourite contestant and much more…., then catch in on Roobaroo…

Mini Mathur, who has over the years become the confidant & best friend of these young aspirants, will also share some interesting incidents, anecdotes and observations that she has made about them. The show will give an insight in to the lives of these talented youngsters, from the auditions, theatre, piano to Galas and their musical journey to fame & fortune and the coveted title.

While the Galas on Fridays will showcase their electrifying performances, followed by the eviction on Saturdays, ROOBAROO, on Thursdays, will be an exclusive curtain raiser, on the performances to come and also getting close & personal with your favorite contestants. Wait for much more news on the Grand Galas coming this Friday!!!

Reporter:Srividya Rajesh

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Mini Mathur

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16 years ago

wowwwwwwwww great...... i really can't wait to c....

16 years ago

Waiting 4 II 3. Wanna kno more abt my fave. contestant CHANG! :0)

Luv u CHANG!!!!!!!!

16 years ago

thnx!! Can hardly wait. Tis gonna b fun!

16 years ago

Thanks..can't wait for Parleen, Charu & Deepali to rock the stage!

16 years ago

Thanks for the article..

Its always good to know a little bit more about the contestants and how they they prepare..etc..etc. Looking forward to Thu's eps :)

16 years ago

i cant wait to watch parleen.
he is the best.
parleen will win.

16 years ago

Thanks so much!
cant wait to see whut Amit & Parleen say hehe.
Only if Suhit was still in :(
haii anywaiiz thnks so much

16 years ago

can't wait to hear what amit, prashant and ankita has to say.

16 years ago

kewl!! i wanna see what chang and charu have to say!! :P

16 years ago

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