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Gaurav Dixit replaces Raahil Azam in Seeta Aur Geeta..

NDTV Imagine's upcoming show Seeta Aur Geeta will see Gaurav Dixit stepping in to play the role of Dharmendra in place of Raahil Azam...

Published: Thursday,Apr 30, 2009 07:31 AM GMT-06:00
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Popular and versatile actor Raahil Azam was in the news for having bagged yet another challenging role in NDTV Imagine's remake of the popular movie, Seeta Aur Geeta, produced by Bohra Brothers.

Gaurav Dixit replaces Raahil Azam in Seeta Aur Geeta..
However, there seems to be a change in the casting, and a young lad Gaurav Dixit has bagged the role while Raahil will not be part of the show anymore.
According to our source, "Raahil was throwing tantrums on sets, which went beyond a limit. Ultimately, the production house had a talk with the channel and decided to replace him. This paved the way for Gaurav Dixit to grab this role".

However, when we called the Producer Sunil Bohra, we got a different view point to the entire story. "It is true that Gaurav has replaced Raahil in the show. But the decision was surely not taken because of Raahil's tantrums, but the fact was that the actor has been down with Double Malaria for quite a while now. We got the launch date from the channel and had to start our shooting schedules quickly. Since Raahil was indisposed, we had no other option but to replace him".

With the right picture in front of us, we called up Raahil Azam who is still recuperating in Bangalore under the guidance of his family.

The actor expressed his displeasure at not being part of the show anymore, and said, "I was connected to the project for the past six months. I had got many offers during this phase, but my loyalty was with this show. The show which was slated to launch earlier got postponed due to various reasons. However when the launch date was announced, I was indisposed with Malaria and suffered even a relapse. I have been at home for the past one and half months, and have recovered just now. Above all, I have not even been able to shoot for the show, so throwing tantrums on sets does not arise at all".

"I know that my fans looked forward to seeing me in this unique role, and I apologize to them for not living up to their expectations. However, I will soon be back to Mumbai and will be on a look out for yet another challenging role", adds the actor.

Well, though our heart goes out to Raahil, it remains a fact that Raahil's loss has been Gaurav Dixit's gain.

Gaurav was seen playing a Haryanvi Jhat in SAB's comedy show, Mohalla Mohabbat Wala that also starred Shweta Keswani.

Lastly, when we called the incoming actor Gaurav, he confirmed his presence in the show and said, "Yes, I am part of Seeta Aur Geeta. I have started shooting for the same. I will be seen playing the role of Dharmendra".

For the uninitiated, this is the second replacement in the show after Anjorie Alagh replaced Mouni Roy as lead of the show.

The show will launch on May 25th in a prime time slot.

All we can say at this point is that, we wish both the actors all the very best for their future…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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preety @ChulbuliRao 14 years ago noooooooo i want rahil and only rahil..pls rahil get well soon and come back and pls don't throw tantrums ur fans don't want u to behave like that...
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Private -- Sonu is my petname .. @Sonu_usa 14 years ago YOU HAVE LIVED UP TO MORE THAN OUR EXPECTATIONS--You have done no Wrong..

There is no need to apologise to anyone ..You have given yourself away all the time in every serial ..just the prod houses were not knowledgeable enough to see that .. Knowledge is power ..that reveals intellectual aspect of a person..

But all your fans supported you..truly love from their heart..due to divine blessings.on you.You have sacrificed your Personal life knowing fully well their possessive side….. You honored them.SelflessSacrifice has opened divine doors..

You are a wonderful soul..Truly a hero offscreen too.. A hero is Someone who Protects the weak .. displays overpowering Courage for greater good for mankind ..Leading to General ..Moral ..Political ..Spiritual & Social Excellence. Creating a fictional or real universe in all loving hearts.. with his magnetic interaction, functional traits , behavior, power, vision and values , strength endurance bravery charisma, and intelligence among others. ..Influencing PPL towards him..YOU HAVE IT ALL RAHIL AZAM..
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-384149 14 years ago This content is hidden.
Preeti @-Preeti- 14 years ago ohh ....anyways wish gaurav all the best
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not available @ammy-ridz 14 years ago i liked gaurav in mohalla....
lukin forward to watch him in this show.
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Crystal @-AMIGAIL-LOVER- 14 years ago OMG nooooooo way!
OMG i am sooo sad now i was soo happy because of that rahil well play the main lead omg noo this is a bad news cant believe it dont think i well watch the show now awww rahil get well luv yaaa loads mwhahh
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Rabia @SuhanaSafar 14 years ago Poor Raahil...accused of throwing tantrums when he was actually down with malaria? Who comes up with these things?
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Imran @-Imu.M- 14 years ago Oh That''s not good !
Anywaii Looking forward to the show !
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