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Seeta pic

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Written Update 25 May 2009 First Epi

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From big star to BEKAAR!

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has it ended

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Seeta Aur Geeta (Ek Ho Gayi) - 25 Sept 09 PROMO

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NOT GEETA!!!!! :'(

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Gaurav Dixit
Gaurav Dixit

as: Raka

Auto driver (plays the role similar to dharamdraji) lives in the same basti as Geeta and always in fight with her. Life changes when he meets his dream girl – simple homely Seeta.

Anjori Alagh
Anjori Alagh

as: Seeta and Geeta

Seeta: Brought up as the apple of her parents eyes, surrounded by all the luxurious trappings of life. Fate deals a cruel blow as her parents untimely death places Seeta in the custody of her step ...

Honey Chhaya
Honey Chhaya

as: Ramu Kaka

An old but loyal servant at Seeta's home, his priorities lie in his duty towards Seeta's deceased parents. He does his best to make Seeta's life as bearable as possible, often being punished for his ...

Cezzane Khan
Cezzane Khan

as: Ravi

The proverbial Prince Charming – Ravi is the suave, sophisticated owner of an advertising agency. Despite being surrounded by the glitz, glamour & beauty of the fashion world; Ravi longs to fall in ...

Ritu Raj Singh
Ritu Raj Singh

as: Chacha

Eyes on Seeta’s fortune after death of Seeta’s Parents and continues to torture her. Life takes a turn when Seeta is switched and Geeta takes her place.

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