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Ganesh Acharya files a counter complaint against the 33 year old who accused him of forcing her to watch adult movies

The 33 year old assistant choreographer alleged that he expelled her membership, deprived her of work, demanded commission and forced her to watch adult videos.


Famous Bollywood choreographer Ganesh Acharya, also, the secretary of the Indian Film and Television Choreographers Association (IFTCA), has a non-cognisable offence filed against himself by a 33 year old assistant choreographer for allegedly expelling her membership, depriving her of work, demanding commission and forcing her to watch adult videos. 

   The 33 year old choreographer started working as a coordinator for dancers in November 2019. However, because on some internal tussle, Ganesh used his position to expel her, and asked other members to do the same for not paying him his commission. She adds that she has been sitting at home, unemployed for the past two months. Although after approaching Sarojji Khan, she was assured that her matter will be looked into at the Special General Meeting(SGM), which was held on Sunday. Whilst she awaited for her side to be heard, Ganesh, after seeing her got fierce and started name-calling her. He was quoted saying to Bombay Times “Yeh kya kar rahi hai yahaan par? Isko thappad aur laat maar kar baahar nikaalo’. Two women assaulted me on his instructions.” Two women assaulted her on his instructions.

   Adding to her story in the complaint made in NCW, she accused Ganesh for watching adult videos at his office and often asked her to join him. This was highly inappropriate of him, she adds, and was warned by herself at many such occasions asking him to watch the code of conduct. She also told Ganesh that she would not hesitate going forward to the authorities and writing a format complaint about this.

Ganesh, on the other hand, has filed a counter NC against her, stating that he only knew her as a part of a dance group that he worked with back in 2007. Apart from that, he barely had any association with her throughout. He stated that all of the accusations are false and she is simply trying to gain a spotlight by accusing him of such horrendous allegations. On the matter of expelling her, Ganesh further states, was not because of any commissions not being paid, but rather because of her crude and impolite remarks on dance masters. He states, “disgruntled by the termination of her membership, she sent letters and notices to IFTCA and its members making false and frivolous allegations of not letting her work and harassing her. However, in these alleged complaints, there was no mention of her latest cooked-up story of porn videos being shown to her. Her accusations are false and baseless.”

Ravi Suryawanshi, who is Ganesh’s lawyer in the case, has filed a written complaint to the Oshiwara Police on January 31st against defamation and filed an NC for the same. He stated that all legal proceedings against her and fellow accomplices will begin shortly.

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