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First week Report - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlta Hai.

Another offering from the producers of Bidaai.. Let's see how it fared in its first week...

Published: Tuesday,Jan 20, 2009 20:11 PM GMT-07:00
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First week Report - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlta Hai.
First week Report - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlta Hai.
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, the much talked about and eagerly awaited show of Star Plus, produced by Rajan Shahi's Directors Kut was launched on 12th January with huge expectations coming from the channel. The show is about a girl and her love story which starts after her marriage. The simple story of love finding its way after an arranged marriage, and how the bond between the couple blossoms after entering into the sacred ties of matrimony is the crux of the story. From the very look, you can say that the show is woven across traditional values of a typical Indian family and stresses on the fact that family’s pride and protection of their values are of utmost importance. In the time of live-in relationship and love marriages, this truly has come as a breath of fresh air. But the important question is, has the show lived up to the hype and euphoria it generated before its premier on TV? The answer is very tricky as the week went in introducing the characters, and the real story is yet to take-off!!. So at the end of the first week, the viewers are left asking for more, and we can easily say that they have played a very safe bet by restricting themselves within a tried and tested formula. However, the story of Yeh Rishta..looks like the story of Prakashchand and Kaushalya Sharma, parents of Ragini from Bidaai, as their love story must have begun after their marriage. In short, instead of taking a leap, Rajan Shahi has gone back in times.
Concept: Nothing new to offer, as serials based on Rajashthani culture have been successful, and so they have incorporated a Marwari family based in Rajasthan. With huge opulent sets, beautiful locales shot in Udaipur, the City of Love, the first week kept the viewers glued. The lead girl is the apple of everyone’s eyes and is good at everything; can sing, dance (you can expect in future)full of good values, God fearing and is beautiful, you name it and she has it all! They are rich and affluent not because it’s the need of the story, but is the need of the channel and producer, as they are want to show it on a big scale. The show boasts of a different treatment and novice adaptation of an age old concept, and we hope that it does wonders, like Bidaai did for them! Whether it will be as successful or not is something one should wait and watch!

First week Report - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlta Hai.
Actors: Akshara (Hina Khan) is fresh and beautiful, and must say she is hardworking and looks convincing as Akshara. She is shy, demure, the obedient daughter of Vishambahr Nath (Sanjeev Sethi) who is authorative, dominating and strict, but a loving father. Sanjeev Sethi suits the role to the ‘T’, and looks graceful so is Rajshree aka Lataa Saberwal as mother of Akshara. She serves as a bridge between the daughter and her husband. Their chemistry and simple non fussy acting makes them one adorable couple in just a week, as they compliment each other quite well. Dadi of this show reminds you of Ragini’s nani from Bidaai. Shourya, son of Vishambar Nath, who in true sense has every potential to become his father of tomorrow holds his ground. Shourya’s relationship with Akshara’s friend Varsha might take this family on the path of trial and tribulations going against their upbringing. The most interesting character is of Omi Chacha, he is the man who has his own mind and has a unique approach towards life. There are many characters here like Alok, the silent admirer of Akshara  who appealed to the masses.

First week Report - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlta Hai.
Set and Ambience: The beautiful mansion or haweli with mighty pillars is outstanding. So is the living room, but the one that stands out is Akshara’s room. The locales of Udaipur were a great watch for sure!!  However, Rajasthan usually has huge forts and hawelis but one noticeable fact is that they have relatively small windows due to the terrain of the place, which is dusty and dry most often. But here, they have huge windows and open area which further raises doubts over their art direction, and looks like they lacked the very idea of a place such as Rajasthan. The market place shown in the show looked so unlike a Rajasthani city; showing people in typical ethnic turbans walking around cannot appeal to the viewers always!!
To sum it up, the show has new and promising actors, huge sets and a successful producer. So there is every chance that they might do better from the second week onwards. The first week seemed fine, but delivered bit less than expected.
Soap Ratings : Lets see how many Soaps this  show gets..
  Plot /Story                              Acting                                                 Sets                  
*1 Soap Stinky one ,1-12/soaps -somewhere in between, 2 Soaps Slippery with no fragrance ,2,1/2 :with little fragrance,3 Soaps sandal wood with rose petals , 4 Soaps must use/watch

Concept and Author: Nishtha
Picture Credit: Shagun
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-Maryam @-Maryam 10 years ago Yay! Its still on air .. It turned out great !! YRKKH ROXXX
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Bhootni @Mahi_Bhardwaj 11 years ago its a beautifull concept of Arrange marriage
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bhava_nihar @bhava_nihar 13 years ago though the plot of uniting akshara and naitik is good it is getting "baasin" flavour. it is almost a week holi is over.holi ki mithaii also lost their flavour. why naitik's gharwale tolerating his stupid behaviour. kal raat ki episode mein akshara aur naitik ke sasuma's kamre ki bahar haat malte reh gaye.how awkward it will be to each other when akshara and naitik are out from the room.
seems episode shuru hone se pehle se hi log bhang pi liye
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Indian_Hosting @Indian_Hosting 13 years ago I am from dhaka, Nnice to see these information
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http://tm.jvdiao.cn @tm.jvdiao.cn 14 years ago Hello everyone I am a friend of China is not in English
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Raanu @Raanu 14 years ago Dear Ritu Deora you are doning wonder after wonder.....your desogning in yeh rishta is so impacable that there is o comparision on tv right now...keep it up doing superb designing.... love your designing in ladoo also...hats off to you...
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afreen @-Afreen- 14 years ago Its a nice concept.. happens alott everywhre... i din knew she was a muslim.. great to have her in industry.. !!
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kavya @kavya.b 14 years ago i do believe in arranged marraiges but this show is too much
they pose 22 much of restrictions on those 2 girls
i didn''t like that concept
i felt that the show was boring in the 1st week
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Nila @lovelygal226 14 years ago I HATE DA CONCEPT........I BELIVE IN LOVE MARRIGEES
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Kiran--Madiha @kiran--madi 14 years ago i lyked da show....jst saw around one or 2 episodes...the stry z smth of olden days....bt yet its a simple stry...
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