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"Don't want to see Krushna's face every again" - Sunita Ahuja

Ahuja has lashed out at Abhishek and decided to address the issue.

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Sunita Ahuja Krushna Abhishek

One would have thought that the feud between Krushna Abhishek and Govinda and wife, Sunita Ahuja might be solved one day considering how they were tight together till years ago. However, it has only gotten murkier and big claims are being made as well. On one hand, Abhishek once again skipped the shoot of The Kapil Sharma Show when Govinda appeared with his wife recently. He also mentioned how things have not gotten better between them at all.

But now, Ahuja has lashed out at Abhishek and decided to address the issue. In an interview with ETimes TV, Ahuja said, “I am distressed beyond words to know what Krushna Abhishek said about refusing to be a part of the episode that featured my family and me as guests. He said that both parties did not want to share the stage. Last year in November, Govinda had issued a statement clarifying his stand and vowing to never discuss family issues in public. Like a thorough gentleman, he has kept the promise. I reiterate that we want to maintain a dignified distance, but it has reached a point where I feel the need to address the issue.”

She added, “Whenever we appear on the show, he says something about us in the media just for publicity. Kya faayda hai yeh sab bol kar? It makes no sense to discuss a family matter in public. Govinda may not respond or retaliate, but it upsets and infuriates me. Uske bagair bhi toh hamaara show hit hota hi hai, aur yeh wala bhi hoga.”

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She also marked how Abhishek would use Govinda's name in multiple jokes and why does he do that, “He keeps saying, ‘ Mera mama yeh, mera mama woh’. Is he not talented enough to give a hit show without using mama’s name?”

Ahuja also clarified that there is no scope for reconciliation between them now as the rift has only widened between them in three years, "Woh kabhi nahi hoga. Three years ago, I had said that things could not be resolved till I am alive. You can’t misbehave, insult or take liberties in the name of family. Humne paal pos kar badha kiya hai toh sar par chadh jaayenge aur badtameezi karenge. We have raised them and are not living off them. What if we had asked Krushna to leave the house after my mother-in-law passed away? Jinhone inko paal pos kar bada kiya yeh unhi ke saath badtameezi par utar gaye hain. All I can say is that the issues will never get resolved and I don’t want to see his face ever again in my life.”

It does seem like an ultimate statement by her and we wonder if there will be a change to it.

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ChickenSoup 1 months ago She has no business making judgements. Let Govinda and his nephew sort this one out. She is part of that family only because of Govinda. If he divorces her tomorrow then she will be on the streets so she should just shut up!
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BeyondHorizon 1 months ago I guess Krushna shouldn’t have made a comment here. He should have refrained but Sunita has crossed her limits. Kuch toh sharm karo? Y is she indulging in mud slinging in public?
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Guneet80 1 months ago Well she isn't wrong per se. But the way she said it was undignified. Krushna always gives a statement whenever Govinda appears in the show. Nobody should air their family issues in public specially in the utterly ugly way Sunita did. I think both the parties should take some time off, Krushna's wife has given ugly statements in the past too
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Ktptalks 1 months ago It's never again for the title.What a arrogant woman.What has she done in her life besides being Govinda's wife who was in so many rumors of having affairs with his co star?Krishna has always respected Govinda and he is a self made man. Her daughter came into the industry, and remain a flop.Now her son is coming into the industry but so far no PH is launching him yet.
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Alpha_Aakash 1 months ago This lady might be the reason for rift. Sounds too rude arrogant and dominating as well
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luvumjht 1 months ago It is ever again not “every again” . The level of journalism just amazes me 🤣.
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