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Cricket Fever on the Sets of Bhabhi!

A New Trend has caught on as the male members of the Bhabhi Cast and Crew have made their break time really interesting with a Game of Cricket!!

Published: Wednesday,Jul 04, 2007 18:06 PM GMT-06:00
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The Cricket Fever around the Country has surely taken a dip after the World Cup, but this is not the case when it comes to the Unit of Bhabhi. The male members of the cast and crew are bit by the Cricket Bug even now as all join together to play Cricket instead of playing a waiting game till their female counterparts get decked up for the shoot.

Vishal Singh, the man who put all this into action is clueless asto how the number of participants kept increasing with each passing day. Looks like enthusiasm is at its peak, as Vishal bought himself a brand new cricket kit!! So can we have a few words from the Actor turned Cricketer Vishal Singh? An overenthusiastic Vishal had this to say when quizzed about his new found passion, “One day I was talking casually about a game of cricket with my director Jassi, when we really decided to implement it. I never knew this would turn out to be so big and regular.. We used to come to the shoot spot at 8 for a 10 ‘o clock shoot and play cricket. It was real fun as all used to join in – the lightman, director, cameraman , spot boy literally all the male members.. This brought in more of unity and all were really charged up to play. This regular feature actually changed the whole equation of work, we got to know all on a closer level and this was one palce where no hierarchy existed…I have my cricket kit in my car and we never miss an opportunity to play cricket. Infact, this really gave us the strength and energy to shoot for long hours and all got very interesting. This is one past time that keeps us going when the ladies are busy putting on their make-up. What’s more, we also discovered that we had lots of talent within our team as many were really very good in this game. Yes, the rains have dampened our enthusiasm for cricket as of now, but sunny days will be back again!!!”

Well, it is a fact written on the walls that ladies take too much time dressing up. Now what does Ruccha Gujrati think about this game of cricket being played as she is busy putting on her make-up? “Ya, I heard that all play cricket when they have free time or when I am getting dressed..(laughs) I usually take about an hour to dress up. I have never seen them play, but have heard a lot of stories about their game. But it is good that they all have fun.”, exclaims Ruccha.

After all, Cricket has always been loved and admired in our country! Now we can surely say that Cricket is the game that brought Unity and Closeness into the hearts of the Bhabhi Team.. Three Cheers to Cricket as we see yet another Team budding out on the streets of Mumbai and on the sets of Bhabhi…

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh

Vishal Singhh Bhabhi 

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Shina @nsheena 16 years ago lol! Tats nice way of waitin. Now the ladies can take a longer time and wont b bugged by their male counterparts to b quick... lolz! =)) =)) ;)
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xoxramxox @xoxramxox 16 years ago WOW.. a set where everyone gets along.. how sweet =D
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Krupa @-Krupa- 16 years ago how cutee..where's Amit?..hasnt he caught the cricket fever?
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ramsha @r@m$h@ 16 years ago it sounds interesting & funny too!!its good!
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Hiral @hiral_anju0930 16 years ago an awesome article...
loved the pics....
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DON't-ASK-IT @Sara_DONT_ASK 16 years ago Tht sounds interesting and fun at the same time..!!!

A good way to utilise ur time...wen the actresses are getting ready ....:))...;-)
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