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'Channel always stands between the audience and creative minded people

Ashwini Dheer, the director of the very popular comedy series on Television, 'Office Office' is all set to cast a magic spell on the big screen too.

Published: Wednesday,Mar 12, 2008 11:51 AM GMT-06:00
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Ashwini Dheer, the director of the very popular comedy series on Television, 'Office Office' is all set to cast a magic spell on the big screen too. As expectations double up for the director's debut vehicle in Bollywood, 'One Two Three', we caught up with Ashwini for a tête-à-tête.
Channel always stands between the audience and creative minded people

Q.: How do you feel after moving from television to movies?
A.: Naturally I am feeling better. I am really feeling relieved and better after traveling from television to film. Directing movies has always been in my mind, and I am glad that I have fulfilled my dream.

Q.: So does it mean that directing films is much easier than directing television shows?
A.: Nothing is easy in life! I would like to say that it was a better experience for me. At the same time there is hell and heaven difference between these two fields. Television is given a bigger scope and duration to expand the story line, whereas here, that liberty is not there. On the other hand, we have just half an hour to describe a story in television but in case of films we can deal with the same story in two and half an hours. And we can deal with a better range of audience also with movies. Again, there are restrictions in subjects dealt on television. Channel is always a big problem standing between audience and creative people working for television. We always have to choose subjects in accordance with their wishes. But in films, you have to convince only the producer. And it's the audience only who decide whether to watch the film or not.

Q.: How was the experience of working with veteran actors like Suneil Shetty and Paresh Rawal?
A.: (Smiling) I never faced any problem with them. But they had problems for sure. They must have had a pity on me thinking that the poor director is controlling so many things. But they were all supportive and having witnessed my work in my television shows, they had the faith in me and my story. They were so dedicated that I never could realize that I had a television background.

Q.: How did you handle four actresses on a set?
A.: No one disturbed me ever. They all were very sweet to me. And to be very frank, my experience working with them was really good. All of them are professionals and at the same time very talented, too. I think it's always not talent that people see on screen. Talent has some other dimension for me. Any particular thing may have different meanings for different people. Most of the time I have witnessed actresses dancing and singing in films, wherein my heroines have proved that basic concept a wrong one. For the first time they were acting in comic roles. And I found all of them always open to learn. They tried their best to copy me without any hesitation before facing the camera.

Q.: We came to know that once Sameera stepped on Tanisha's foot and Tanisha created chaos on the set because of that.
A.: (Smiling) I don't have any detailed information about that incident. As far as stepping on one's foot is concerned, Sameera had her foot to step onto the foot of Tanisha. How dare I can step my foot between those two feet? I think an atmosphere of competition grows where you have four actresses on a single set. If someone is acting, better then the other actress also wishes to work much better. And I get my job out of that very easily. The best part is that I can avail so many things without going into direct deals with them. It helps me to save my energy.

 Q.: Both you and Pankaj Kapoor are very much attached to the television show, "Office
Channel always stands between the audience and creative minded people
Office". Have you ever missed him in this film?
A.: He (Pankaj Kapoor) is a really good actor and he doesn't need me to certify him. But there was no suitable character for him in this film. So I had no chance to miss him. I will meet him and request him personally if I find him required for any of my future stories. He is one of the best actors in India and I would like to look for opportunities to work with him again and again.

Q.: You are mostly known for comedies. Would you like to make only comedies in future?
A.: I will always have the touch of comedy in whatever I do in future. If I make something based on even relationships, I will keep few funny elements in that, too. I think comedy can make you understand things better. But that doesn't mean I will always make comedies. Just for example "Office Office" is not a comedy. I told my audience about serious subjects through comedy in that show. Still it's tough to talk about anything right now. I may look for few comedies and at the same time few emotional dramas, too. Being a story teller, I will always like to say stories only.

Q.: Upen Patel blamed you of ignoring him during the launch of music.
A.: Tell me the meaning of ignoring someone. Does he say that I didn't allow him to say anything? I asked him to sing a song which he refused. If you were at the spot during the launch of the music, you should have understood what exactly happened.

Q.: We witnessed a lot. But how did you look into the matter?
A.: If Upen still has any such thing in his mind, then better you ask him on the matter. What else can I say? I am feeling sad for what he thought or said. I am not even thinking about the matter. Maybe he is having some profit spreading the rumor.

Q.: Who did you personally like as an actor in your film 'One Two Three'?
A.: (Smiling) I liked most the lady who acted the role of Tushar's mother. See, I am very diplomatic. Isn't it?

Q.: What are your future projects?
A.: I am going to direct one film of Kumar Mangat. Suneil Shetty's Popcorn Entertainment has also offered me a film. Though Kumar Mangat's film is wholly a comic flick, Suneil Shetty's movie is not that out and out comedy. It's little different. But I cannot tell you anything else about these films. And for the time being, my total concentration is on my film 'One Two Three'. Once the film is released I can think about my other films, too.

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