Capt Vinod is my love, my Valentine: Tulip Joshi

Tulip Joshi, who was seen in the role of a suicide bomber in her last film 'Dhokha', will soon be seen as a news reporter in Rohit Jujraj's commercial flick 'Superstar'.

Tulip Joshi, who was seen in the role of a suicide bomber in her last film ‘Dhokha’, will soon be seen as a news reporter in Rohit Jujraj’s commercial flick ‘Superstar’. Though three years have passed since‘Dhokha’, Tulip is very excited about her new film. Recently, we caught up with her and to learn more about the film, her career and Tulip’s love interest Capt. Vinod. Here are the excerpts.

Q: How are you feeling since there is very little time left for the release of ‘Superstar’?
A: Frankly speaking, I am not nervous at all, but all excited as one of my films will be released after a long time. In this film, I am doing the role of a commercial heroine and am longing to watch myself on the screen because this is an altogether different kind of role that I have done.

Q: In this film your character Mausam is a news reporter. So what aspects did you bear in mind while preparing for the role?
A: Actually, I have a number of journalist friends and I know them very closely. And since this film is not based on journalists or journalism, I did not have to pay any special attention to the issue. I only worked on the things that were necessary to bring my role to life and my director Rohit helped me a lot in this endeavor.

Q: What are the differences and similarities between you and the character Mausam?
A: (Laughing) Mausam is happy with whatever she has got from her life and she has a positive attitude towards life. Similarly, I am also happy with my life and God for all that I have got in my life. Apart from this aspect, there are no similarities between me and Mausam. And the main difference between us is that while I am an actress, Mausam is a journalist.

Q: What would you like to say about your director Rohit Jugraj and hero Kunaal Khemu?
A: Rohit Jugraj is a talented and stylish person and he has presented me very beautifully in this film. My character in this film is that of an ordinary girl, but Rohit has presented it in a very stylish manner. It was a difficult task indeed, but the manner in which Rohit has done it, he deserves mention and credit. Everyone is aware of how talented my co-star Kunaal is for he has been close to the audience since his childhood. He is very friendly with the camera and I think that when you are working with such an experienced actor, you need not work hard yourself. While this was very good for me, the best part was that the environment on the set was always cheerful as all four of us – Rohit, Kunaal, Ashima and me – are all very young.

Q: We’ve heard that Kunaal had hurt Ashima’s nose while shooting. Did anything similar happen with you?
A: (Laughing) Yes, of course. There was a scene where I had to slap Kunaal and I really did slap him hard! Only Kunaal can tell how hard the slap was. Well, you can say this was revenge on behalf of Ashima. And why not, Ashima and I have worked together in ‘Dhokha’ too and we have become friends. So if I didn’t take revenge on her behalf, who else would?

Q: You will be watching yourself dance and sing on the silver screen after three years since the release of ‘Dil Maange More’. How are you feeling?
A: Honestly, I am happy that I will be seeing myself in such a character. For the last few years, I have been doing only serious films and wanted to do something in purely commercial films. This is the reason why I accepted the role. I know that my look suits commercial films and I am also very young, so why should I waste my time acting in films that have very little audience? The recognition one can get from commercial films, is not possible from such low-budget serious films.

Q: According to the tag line of this film, how would you feel if you too have a look-alike?
A: Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t like my look-alike for I am against look-alikes. Every one of us wants to be unique and I too want to be the special myself, no matter how I am.

Q: Although you began your career with big banners, it is unfortunate that you are still struggling in Bollywood. What, according to you, has been lacking?
A: Actually, my fault was that in the initial stages only I concentrated on mainstream films rather than focusing on commercial movies. But now I have identified my mistake and am now devoting myself for commercial films and I am confident that very soon I will be able to carve a niche for myself.

Q: Did you receive any new offer from the Bhatt camp after the release of your last film ‘Dhokha’?
A: So far there has been nothing in this regard, but they have promised to do a film with me soon. I am happy that my relation with the Bhatt camp is very good and I am prepared to wait for their offer.

Q: You were into Telegu films also… Tell us something about it …
A: Two films of mine – ‘Superstar’ and a Telegu movie ‘Kocham Kodga’ – will be releasing on February 8. I am hopeful about both these films. My role in the new Telegu film is very much different from the roles I have performed so far. In this film four unknown persons get locked in a room and the story moves from there. This is a murder mystery film and I have a glamorous look in it.

Q: Tell us something about your forthcoming films …
A: Look, right now I am waiting for the release of ‘Superstar’ and will talk about my forthcoming films only after this I will talk about my new films.

Q: Last question, what do you have to say about Capt Vinod Nayyar?
A: (Laughing) What do you want to hear about him?

Q: We would like to know a lot of things, but what you want to say is important…
A: Look, I am very happy. I feel that love is very important in life and after meeting Capt. Vinod my way of looking at life has changed. Now every day is Valentine’s Day for me. Whenever we meet and the time we spend together is Valentine’s Day for me.

(Rajnee Gupta) -(SAMPURN)

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