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Famous words by famous men ... infamous words, by infamous us ...

Published: Friday,Apr 16, 2010 11:56 AM GMT-06:00
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Actors, however big, however small, overlook the consequences of their public statements every now and then. At times they lash out, at others they come forth and confess, at yet other occasions, most dangerously, they risk 'slip(s) of tongue'!

We at BollyCurry went hunting down the years for famous words by famous men (and women of course, author is just sticking to the trite phrase here!). To the concoction we added some infamous words, by infamous us- the reporters/ media/ journalists- whatever name you choose to call us!

Enjoy the special spicy dish we dole out as a result; if you like it be sure to tell us. For this, dear readers, is only a beginning. A sequel, depending on the TRP's this article garners is likely to come your way! (Getting candid as I am...!)

I'd like to believe there's a little of Hitler and Napoleon in me. Even if I try, I can't be as selfless as Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

- Shah Rukh Khan (Actor, Producer)

Author says- Actually Shahrukh, you may recall having refused Aamir's role in Lagaan, Anil Kapur's role in Slumdog Millionaire, and Sanjay's role in MunnaBhai! For some reason that comes across as A) neither Hitler-ish or Napoleaon-ish conquering smart, nor B) Selfish. On the contrary, those were major relinquishments, which in retrospection were extremely lame!

I turned down 'Mr & Mrs Khiladi', 'Aunty No.1', 'Dulhe Raja'. All these faltu roles were palmed off to other actresses.

- Mamta Kulkarni (Actress)

Author says- Someone sure is slow on uptake of lessons learned the hard way Why else are you (Mamta) among Bollywood's extinct species? Surely, not cause of your judicious role selections?!

When I take my children to the zoo, I find 2,000 people staring at me. I know exactly what the animals there must be feeling.

- Sunil Shetty (Actor, Producer)

Author says- Whoops! Did you just say that Sunil? Hopefully, there was no pun intended, even though the thought is hard to miss!

Every time I spotted a poster of 1947, I'd look away. If anyone saw me looking at my own hoardings, they'd think I was a conceited freak.

- Rahul Khanna (Actor)

Author says- Here's another way of looking at things. They might have excused your vanity, assuming you're deep in thought trying to deduce how you had actually managed a hit, once upon a time... ('once' is the highlight here).

Had I not made it big, my family would have told me to recheck my decision. Now that I am successful, there is no way. They have to accept it gracefully.

- Amisha Patel (Actress)

Author says- Ah! Now those would be words you might want to take back Amisha dear, as far as everyone (except you) is concerned they equate to mindless gibberish!

I want to move out of the hot image that I have

- Neha Dhupia (Actress)

Author's says- There are simple ways Neha, to accomplish simple feats. Begin with moving out of all the plunging necklines, backless outfits, and mini attires. It's a fool proof idea, author assures!

For reasons best known to her, the leading lady Kareena Kapoor walked out of Kaho Naa... Pyar Hai. Dad was very hurt.

- Hrithik Roshan (Actor)

Author says- Walking out for Kareena is not indebted to reasons, Duggu! Don't believe it? Ask Shahid!

I would slap anyone who accused my wife (Amrita Singh) of being on the same level as any of the other star secretaries!

- Saif Ali Khan (Actor)

Author says- Clearly, Chote Nawab had no idea of his own fickle loyalties in the future, at the time of making such loud claims!

When I go abroad, women throw themselves at me. But I'm not into one-night-stands or flings.

- Anu Malik (Music Director)

Author's says- Is it just me, or was that hard to believe? Then of course, there is that old fable of fox and the sour grapes- anyone with me?

Look, I'm not a hypocrite. Love-making scenes are enjoyed by everyone.

- Kamal Haasan (Actor, Producer)

Author says- *Ahem* Author beckons Shruti Hassan to fill in this response!

I've been told that I look like Aamir Khan... but I'm sure Aamir would feel insulted if he's told that he looks like me.

- Aftab Shivdasani (Actor)

Author says- Awww Aftab! That sure earned you more regard from me, than your acting stints have. Being candid is hard- that candid can hurt! Bravo!

I hope Anil Kapoor doesn't read this, but I don't like men with moustaches.

- Sushmita Sen (Actress)

Author says- Lol! No that doesn't mean I have nothing to say back. I just have nothing better to say. It's different! On second thoughts, author would like to admit, she agrees with Sush (and for my sake, I really hope Anil Kapoor is not reading this!)

I am an emotional person off-screen and would hate to hurt or snub someone.

- Aishwarya Rai (Actress)

Author's says- I would like to present some witnesses who will contradict the claims. Can someone bring me Salman for starters, Vivek next... Katrina, Sonam and others later?

If my name had been Ramesh instead of Salman, I don't think it would have made any difference.

- Salman Khan (Actor)

Author says- Maybe, theoretically! Then again, Ramesh Khan- the macho man? Nah, not really! Katrina and Ramesh- yikes! Impossible that!

(Author's Note: Yes, a last one. No offense is intended. If you enjoy the 'jabs', please jab back!!!)

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