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Cadet Naina Singh Ahluwaliya Reporting Sir!!!

Attention!Lets Be in queue and listen carefully to Priyanka Bassi, before she shoots us.

We caught the very elegant,beautiful and tomboyish Priyanka Bassi of LRL Fame ,quized and given her some hypothetical situtiions of "If i was" as being a cadet she should be, used to of such excersize,lets see how she handles our Drill of "Brains"..Over to you Naina 
IF you were in your character for 24hrs… I would change Naina's Short temper and attitude .
If you win the best actress award… Oh I would love to win it .

Courtesy : <IMG height=332 src="http://media.santabanta.com/newsite/cinemascope/images/priyankabassi1_big.jpg"

IF you were to sing a song right now you would sing… LRL
Are you diplomatic or do you speak your mind out?.. Speak my mind out
If you were offered a role in Devdas you would choose… Madhuri
If you were to play Tulsi in Kyunki, you would… Tulsi  uhh… NO (laughter) I would rather make Naina a hit
What is your dream role... I don't have a dream role in mind, but no matter what role is given to you, it should be done with utmost effort and other actors should look up to my character and make it their dream role
Message for your fans... - please watch LRL you might see me in a few movies next, Love you all
Oh so, have you signed any movies yet?.. - Oh no, not yet, but talks are on.

That sums up Priyanka..a girl with an ambition,who knows her mind and exmplefies Dedication and Determination  on/off the screen and now we even have Movies to look forward too,we are waiting eagerly with popkorn in our hands,wish her all the sucess in life and may she achieve greater heights.
Be Good!

Reporter: Hiral Bhatt
Author: Nishtha.



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Shaina_b 8 years ago I liked that article!!!!!

It's old now but seems like yesterday!!!!!

Vartika07 9 years ago It's old and now i have a look on it but still i liked that article.
fm05 13 years ago Thanks, ambitious girl and hardworking too. Nice interview.
SecretKhabri420 13 years ago I like Priyanka's answer about Tulsi's role, hehe....
Ezria_Fan_4ever 13 years ago thanks for the article...it was really nice
-Mansi- 13 years ago Oh wow! Thanxxxx....yes..we will surely continue 2 watch LRL...
sweet_chilly 13 years ago U rock Priyanka!!!!!!n ya Naina needs to loose her temper...
Prenz~13 13 years ago gr888 article!! n fabulous answers!!!
culdnt agree more!!!
mahek-e-gulab 13 years ago cool article...
yup naina needs to do sumthing wid her arrogance...but still she is d bessttttt

cadet naina 'ah' singh rocks
-DulceMaria- 13 years ago gr888 article and i agree naina needs to be more tolerant.
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