Bollywood Celebrities as Holi colours!

Ever wondered what the Holi colours symbolise? And if a colour could be given to each bollywood actor, who would get what colour?

Published: Thursday,Mar 12, 2009 14:47 PM GMT-06:00
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Ever wondered what the Holi colours symbolise? And if a colour could be given to each bollywood actor, who would get what colour? Well, here is what we think!

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The colour yellow brings to mind chirpy and cheerful image, someone who is full of life. Who better depicts this than the gorgeous Kajol? Her cheerful nature and happy-go-lucky personality is what makes us love her the most. For this, she's yellow this holi!

The colour blue represents the one who shows versatility. There are a billion shades of blue. Blue gives us the sense of tranquility and peace. It is the colour of the vast ocean and it can be synonimous with talent. Which better film star than Aamir Khan shows this? He is one of Bollywood's most versatile actors. From being able to play a loverboy in Qayamat se Qayamat tak to someone with amnesia vying for revenge in Ghajini, he definitely colour blue this Holi!

The colour pink brings to mind a sweet and girly girl. Someone who giggles non-stop, loves to gossip and play with make-up. Sonan Kapoor represents this image the best. She has definitely won our hearts as a sweet girly girl who is forthright, honest and at the same time mature. The new Masakkali has won our hearts as pink this holi.

The colour red evokes the thought of fiery and danger. Our action king, Akshay Kumar definitely deserves this. Afterall how many actors are ready to do kungfu and swim with sharks in moves? Akshay Kumar without a doubt is colour red!

The colour green is someone who is environmentally concious or at least active. While not many actors are such, this colour goes to Shabana Azmi for her constant fight against slums and for the poor. We salute her fight and wish her luck.

The last commonly used holi colour is orange. Orange is a combination of red and yellow and our King Khan, Shah Rukh represents this the best! The King Khan can be feirce when entering a competition with his rivals and can try to win against all odds. Yet his friends call him enthusiastic, energetic and  he is known to always be on the sets helping out. The King Khan definitely deserves the Orange!

Well, which colour would represent your favourite Bollywood star this Holi? We take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Holi. Raang Barse!  

Written By: Sneha

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