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Basera going off air

NDTV Imagine’s celebration of parenthood Basera is all set to go off air…

Published: Wednesday,Nov 25, 2009 17:03 PM GMT-07:00
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Basera going off air
NDTV Imagine and Sagar Arts' Basera has been shown the exit door.

According to our source, "Since a month back, seeing the appalling state of TRPs, the show was under the scanner. The budget of the show, thanks to the huge star cast was very high and was not giving good returns with the TRPs. The production house and channel had a meeting and came to a conclusion that if the show could cut down on budget then they would allow it sustenance for a few more months but on a different time slot, which is why authorities kept denying reports of Basera going off air inspite of Raaz- Pichle Janam Ka promos showing that it would be aired in Basera's time slot of 9:30pm. But seems like the solution was not feasible."

The source adds, "Another problem was that the TRPs were good only when Ram Kapoor and Pallavi Subhash were focused. When Priya Bhatija and Amit Jain's love-story took over, the ratings dropped. Maybe audiences wanted more focus on the original concept of the show- 'children turning against their parents'. To top this, the saving grace of the show Ram Kapoor had date problems from 5th December as he is the host for Rahul Ka Swayamvar which has its sets outside Mumbai. So obviously, Ram couldn't afford to shuttle back and forth. He needed a definite break from Basera. This means the creatives had to manage with a parallel track. But with the shows TRP hopes pinned solely on Ram, the channel didn't think Basera would improve at all in Ram's absence. All this finally made the channel back-off from running the show."

So now the decision has been made to chuck Basera. The tentative date scheduled for the show to go off air 4th is December.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Susan Jose

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Pooja @pooja_l 14 years ago very well said suganthi...RK did a fab job as keshu...

there was no kami at all from his side...

creatives could not handle such sensitive concept and its all the creatives fault....

RK as an actor no one should blame him coz he did his best from his side....be it keshu of basera or jai of kasamh se....
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iqbalslover @iqbalslover 14 years ago @ suganthi
i agree with you
its good u dont want to waste your time here *wink*
btw i ma happy basera is ending
its all creatives fault
it has been over a month
ram has ntohing to do
so no wonder Trps were Low
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Meghna @555W59 14 years ago Goodluck to the whole cast and crew of Basera for all their future endevors. They tried something new so kudos to them. The plight of the parents is often neglected so it was good they tried to highlight that. Great job to all the talented actors, Ram, Pallavi, Supriya, and crew.

Looking forward to Ram's next project.
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Adhiangel @Adhiangel 14 years ago Its good bcoz the soap had the lowest TRPs in the channel
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Pooja @pooja_l 14 years ago @anuj-aashish I am afraid fans dont want to see Ram's talent going waste in that wheel-chair.....

well who says that fans dont have a problem with Creativity.... if ur fav serial is going thru a very badly shaped up sequences then how will u want to see that... but anyways, if u have clearly noticed the article then it says Ram does have many other shows and films for which he wont be able to get time for basera.....

that shows how much a actor like RK is important to bring TRP's
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anuj-aashish @anuj-aashish 14 years ago if this true ? then i remeber you that in kasamse only 1 year the show have TRP then after the show never get TRP there is also creative flase ?balaji ne khichtanke age 1sal tak chalaya if ram have crore fan why they not watch basera why the TRP is low . loyal fans have never problem with creative they watch show for an actor examp.. kyoki...,kahani,bidai ,rista. there creative noting do any diffrent things same old stories. but the show have TRP. some days before ndtv says ram and pallve kis scene nd another scene are not the part of story. ndtv ram aur pallve ko jada dikhye janese naraj tha. kal kahte the kahani bhatk gayi hai aaj kahte hai ram aur pallee ki vajse TRP thi .voh ram ki tarif sirf isliye kar rahe hai kyoki ram rahul dulhnia... show host hai.
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suwas @suwas 14 years ago The creatives didn't handle the subject properly. If they knew TRPs are higher becauseof RAm & he is going to be busy wih another NDTV show after 5th dec why did they waste his talent for almost a month when he was available.
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Ssf @realityshows!! 14 years ago @soniayk6 -I agree with u.

@anuj-ashish , ram kappor and pallavi subhash 's previous shows were both superhit If they werent worth watching then they would have had such demanding TRPs .Moreover I have watched the show and I do it daily
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anuj-aashish @anuj-aashish 14 years ago very very 100 time thankyou for this news very boaring serials ndtv do big maistake to launch this show no one singal actor in show people watch the show
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khatriji @khatriji 14 years ago ram kapoor looks like hippo animle of sea.. dariyai ghoda.. bwahahahaha
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