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Anupamaa reaches late for the performance; Anuj gets upset with the turn of events

Here’s what’s in the store for the viewers of Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’.

Published: Tuesday,Dec 27, 2022 07:16 AM GMT-07:00
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Cast of 'Anupamaa'

Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Anuj asking Anupamaa to be there with choti Anu all the time and make her, her priority. Anupamaa finds herself stuck between Pari and choti Anu several time. Anupamaa and choti Anu have been preparing for a performance in the school event. They have rehearsed and are all set for the event.

In the upcoming episodes, Anupamaa and everyone gets ready for the event. Leela states that she can’t come as she has to look after Pari. Dimple states that they haven’t cooked food as they planned for a dinner outing post event. Leela says she’ll manage. Anu says she’ll quickly cook something for her. Barkha tells her that she’ll order something for Baa but Anu states that Leela will get unwell and thus states that she will cook food.

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Barkha and Ankush discuss about the situation and states that Leela will not let Anupamaa reach on time. Anu cooks food hurriedly and gets injured while rushing out of the house. Baa asks her to wait and apply spray on the injury. At the school event, Anuj reaches and gets upset on knowing that Anu hasn’t reached. He calls her and she tells him that she is leaving. Anuj takes over the stage to do stand-up comedy so that Anupamaa gets time to reach. 

Baa stops Anu as Pari’s health deteriorate. Anu stops and takes care of Pari. Choti Anu cries as she wishes to win the competition. Furthermore, Anu reaches late but requests the audience to let them perform. Anupamaa and Anu perform the dance but couldn’t win. Anupamaa tries to convince choti Anu that winning shouldn’t be the ultimate goal always. Anuj gets upset with Anu.

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surabhi01 2 months ago Too harsh on anupama .choti si baat ka dil ka til ka taad ban raha hai
Anupama daily aone little anu ka khayal rakhti hai as little anu herself in Yesterday ki mummy muje ache se tayar karti hsi thst means it is clear anupama hi roj little anu ko tayar karti hai just one day agar anupama se nahi ho paaya kisi kaaran then she has become worst mother ?? And forgetting all care toward little anu for rest of days

Yeh baat bahut galat hai .ki anupama pe itna jyaada harsh hone ka samajh nahi aa raha hai .bahut galat ho raha anupama ke saath
Itna over reaction toward anupama does not make sense st all
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surabhi01 3 months ago First of all today episode is bore so unrealistic

How much school is far away from Kapadia that anupama ko car se school pahunche mein time lag raha tha

3 km andar hi generally parents apne bache ka admission karate taaki school aram se pahunch skein

Anupama ko se by car 7,8 minute se jyaada nahi lagna chahiye to reach school that too by car
But serial mein to aisa dikha rahe they Pata nahi little anu ka school jaise 20 ,25 km door ho

Another thing why did not anupama and little anu go for annual together . Why both go out of house in different time

And also from when school start giving distributing prize to student during annual function
Maine bhi school ke annual function attend Kiya I havr never seen ki annual function mein prize diya jaata ho
Annual function hai not competition program

And upar se bus aaj episode mein ek hi baat baar repeat ho rahi thi anupama Kab aayegi mummy kub anupama abhi tuk kyon nahi pahunchi
Poore episode mein bus yahi tha
Such a boring episode
And when anuj know and himself told pakhi kisi ko apna nature change karne mein bahut time chahiye .ek Dum kisi ka nature habit nahi Badal jaata to should not anuj give time to anupama or make some arrange ment for anupama for time being
And baa is so cunning
Jaanbhuj ke anupama ko chalte time bataya that she Wil not cone
Jub Pari 7,8 din ki thi tub to Pari paidal le gaye they aur ab Pari jub 3,4 mahine ki ho gayi hai Ab baa is annual function mein nahi le jaa sakti ??

Waiss to roj writer log anupama ko anupama agar 50 gobhi ke parathey. Bana ke bhi Har jagah time pe pahunch thi
But aaj mere ek insaan ke liye Khichdi chutney banane aaj mein aaj anupama ko late ho gaya ?
Kya nonsense dikhate Rahe

Real life mein itna time thodi hi lagta school pahunch mein even some one made Khichdi jitna anupama mein dikhaya jaa raha
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