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Anupamaa: Anupamaa reveals to Anuj about being Malti Devi's son, latter asks Malti Devi to stay away

In the episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa tonight, Anupamaa will reveal to Anuj that Malti Devi is his biological mother, which will leave him in shock.

Published: Thursday,Sep 21, 2023 07:20 AM GMT-06:00
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Gaurav Khanna and Apara Mehta

The episode of Anupamaa tonight starts with a few men at the party are enthusiastically dancing and following the game rules. Anupama takes a moment to express her gratitude to God, thanking Kanha ji for unveiling a significant secret and revealing that Gurumaa's son is none other than her beloved Anuj. She admits that the truth had been right in front of her, yet she couldn't see it. Her memory takes her back to a conversation with the warden, who informed her that Anuj is the son of Malti Devi, her husband Anuj. Anupama had questioned the warden, wondering if there was some misunderstanding. The warden had assured her that there was no room for misunderstandings, explaining that Malti Devi had personally handed her baby to her and then went on to pursue a career as a dancer without ever returning to see her child. 

When the child turned eight, Mr. and Mrs. Kapadia had adopted Anuj from the orphanage, and Malti Devi had never shown any interest in her son. The warden had affirmed her ability to recognize him after raising him for eight years. Anupama had been informed that such matters were typically kept confidential but was being told because she was Anuj's wife. She had asked for proof, and the warden had provided Anuj's genuine birth certificate along with donation receipts from Malti Devi, confirming that she had donated but never inquired about her son. Anupama felt that it was divine intervention that had led Anuj to help her when they first met, and she was determined to unite him with his mother.

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Anuj appeared distressed as Malti Devi kept her eyes on him, recalling various incidents. Anupama acknowledged that she hadn't been able to go to America because of Choti, which could have brought Anuj and his mother together. She vowed to reunite them. Meanwhile, Vanraj noticed Anuj's unease. Malti Devi embroidered an 'A' on a piece of cloth with flowers, leaving Anuj perturbed. Barkha and Dimpy discussed the family dynamics, acknowledging the constant ups and downs within the family.

Anupama, in the car, expressed her gratitude to Kanha ji and couldn't contain her excitement about revealing the secret to Anuj. Pakhi received a message from her mother saying she was on her way and requested Romil to play some music. Anuj, however, was restless and kept wondering why Anupama was taking so long. He hoped for her arrival.

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Anuj joined in the dancing with the Shahs and his family, and everyone celebrated with joy. As Anupama finally arrived, she held Malti Devi's hand, surprising Anuj. Romil stopped the music, and Anupama presented a cloth with an embroidered 'A.' Anuj was taken aback by her actions and questioned her choice. Anupama explained that a son's birthday was incomplete without his mother's blessings. Anuj, Malti Devi, and others were left stunned, and they exchanged bewildered glances. Romil made up an excuse for stopping the music.

Anuj confronted Anupama, expressing his disappointment that she had brought Malti Devi despite knowing his discomfort. Anupama defended her decision, emphasizing the importance of a son receiving his mother's blessings on his birthday. Anuj was shocked, asking if Malti Devi was his mother. Anupama understood his confusion and assured him that she had been equally surprised when she had found out. She explained that it was divine intervention that had revealed the truth to her. When Anupama showed them a photo of Gurumaa's son, Anuj recognized himself as a child. Malti Devi smiled with tears in her eyes.


Anupama continued to narrate the story of how God had filled the void in Anuj's life, bringing Malti Devi into it. However, Anuj appeared angry and asked Malti Devi to stay away, stating that she was not his mother.

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