Ankur Verma, Tanvi Dogra & Anchal Sahu celebrate 500 episodes of Parineeti

Ankur Verma, Tanvi Dogra and Anchal Sahu were seen celebrating as their show Parineeti completed 500 episodes.

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Tanvi Dogra, Ankur Verma and Anchal Sahu

Love, deception, and unexpected twists have woven their spell on the small screen as COLORS' popular show 'Parineetii' reaches an impressive milestone of 500 episodes. Anchoring the audience's attention with an impressive tale, the show has delved into the intricacies of marriage and friendship, bringing forth a tale of the intertwined destinies of Parineet (Anchal Sahu), Neetii (Tanvi Dogra), and Rajeev (Ankur Verma).

 Amidst this intricate web, best friends Parineet and Neetii stumble upon a startling revelation and realize that they both are married to the same man, Sanju aka Rajeev, resulting in a very complicated love triangle. As the show celebrates this incredible feat of completing 500 episodes, it plunges viewers into a week of gripping narratives.  In this week's gripping episodes, the tension escalates as Pari's life hangs in the balance. Neeti's sinister motives to eliminate her take a chilling turn, leading to a dangerous game of deception within the hospital's corridors. As the truth inches closer, viewers will witness a high-stakes confrontation, shrouded in suspense, secrets, and shocking revelations, culminating in a heart-stopping moment that will reshape the dynamics of the story.

Ankur Verma shares, “I extend my heartfelt salute to the creators whose unwavering dedication has fuelled our journey, inspiring us all to match their passion in storytelling. The positive response from the audience is overwhelming; it's a testament that hard work does indeed bear fruit. Looking ahead, we are excited to keep weaving the tale of 'Parineetii' and to keep entertaining our audience. Here’s hoping that the love and support continue to flow, just as it has from the very beginning."

Discussing the show’s accomplishment, Tanvi Dogra comments, “Parineetii holds a special place in our hearts because of the impact it has made on us as artists. It has given me recognition as Neetii and for that, I’ll always be grateful. Every day of shooting has been a joyful experience, breathing life into this dynamic character that’s taking a turn with the story. To the viewers who have shown unwavering love and support from the very beginning, your presence has been our driving force. Here's a heartfelt wish for boundless love to the entire cast and crew for weaving together a truly unforgettable show."

Sharing her experience of being on the show for 500 episodes, Anchal Sahu says, "Stepping into the world of 'Parineetii' for 500 episodes has been an incredible journey. I consider myself blessed to do what I love, and seeing the show reach its 500th-episode milestone fills me with immense joy. Each day on the sets of 'Parineetii' continues to bring fresh experiences, making every moment count. Working alongside such dedicated and talented actors has been truly rewarding, as we strive to captivate and entertain our cherished audience. To everyone who has showered us with love and support, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

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