Parineetii: Will Neeti tie the knot and bid farewell to Rajeev and Parineeti?

In the upcoming episode of Parineetii, Shelly's profound infatuation with Neeti leads to a stunning marriage proposal that leaves everyone in shock.

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Colors' popular show 'Parineetii' continues to enthral the viewers by depicting how love ties the lives of Parineet (Anchal Sahu), Neeti (Tanvi Dogra), and Rajeev (Ankur Verma) together. The course of challenges continues in Neeti's tumultuous life. Amidst the despair of her mother Sukhwinder's critical condition in hospital, Neeti's world is shattered, and right when she prays for a miracle, she falls prey to the clutches of vile goons who abduct her. Arriving on the scene, the courageous Parineet swoops in to rescue her from peril. Upon her return home, Neeti is met with suspicion and betrayal as Rajeev questions the authenticity of her memory loss. The betrayal cuts deep, leaving Neeti in emotional turmoil. The scheming Taiji is already plotting Neeti's future, but Parineet smells trouble and confronts her about the true intentions behind her matchmaking machinations. The tension between them reaches a boiling point, threatening to tear the family apart.

Meanwhile, Rajeev is tasked with overseeing Shelly, his boss Mehra's nephew. Sparks fly when Shelly is infatuated with Neeti and shocks everyone with a jaw-dropping marriage proposal, plunging them all into uncertainty and tension. 

Will Neeti succumb to the pressures of marriage and leave behind the shadows of Rajeev and Parineet? Or will she create her own path, reclaiming her destiny? 

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