Parineetii: Neeti tries to strangle Pari in the ICU

The upcoming episodes of Colors TV's show Parineetii are all set to witness another major twist.

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Anchal Sahu as Pari

In the gripping storyline of Colors' "Parineetii," the intensity reaches new heights, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Anchored by the stellar performances of Ankur Verma, Tanvi Dogra, and Anchal Sahu, the series unfolds a narrative where two inseparable friends find themselves entangled in a complex love triangle.

The current narrative centers on Neeti's unyielding determination to disrupt the union of Parineet and Rajiv. Following a daring rescue by Rajiv from a perilous encounter with a crocodile, Neeti concocts a sinister plan involving a fire to harm Pari.

In the upcoming episodes, the plot takes a darker turn as Neeti resorts to an even more drastic measure to eliminate Pari. Admitted to the ICU due to Neeti's machinations, Pari becomes the target of Neeti's malevolence once again. Neeti enters the ICU, attempting to strangle Pari, adding a suspenseful layer to the unfolding drama. The outcome of this perilous encounter remains uncertain, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the next twists and turns.

Produced by Ekta Kapoor under Balaji Telefilms, "Parineetii" boasts a stellar cast led by Tanvi Dogra, Ankur Verma, and Anchal Sahu, earning its place as one of the most beloved shows on television.

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Comments (5)

just look at her face...same expressions for over 2 years this drama has been released..
i mean ye female lead h ya ansuon ki tanki
jo apne liye kuch nahi kr skti
jise sirf aur sirf rajeev jaise ghatiya insan ka hi saath chaiye hota hai

2 months ago

Neeti has lost it! Send her to a mental asylum

3 months ago

How you people expect that a "Content" less, basesless show which is on the top pf the TRP chart shall end ...

TRP bhi toh aapne hi di thi naa !!!

3 months ago

Hoping Colors channel to bring some new shows with good content and stop this kind of shows.

3 months ago

It’s not interesting to read the episode narration here .

3 months ago

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