Parineetii: Rajeev and Pari get stuck in the room after Neeti sets the house on fire

In the episode of Colors TV's show 'Parineetii' tonight, Rajeev and Pari will be seen getting stuck in fire.

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Anchal Sahu and Ankur Verma

The Colors show "Parineetii" has reached a crescendo of drama, captivating the audience with its engaging plot. Anchored by the stellar performances of Ankur Verma, Tanvi Dogra, and Anchal Sahu in lead roles, the narrative revolves around the complexities of two best friends marrying the same man.

The current storyline centers on Neeti's relentless attempts to disrupt the impending marriage between Parineet and Rajiv. Following a dramatic rescue by Rajiv from both Parineet and a lurking crocodile in the water, Neeti formulates a new scheme to harm Pari—this time by setting a fire.

In the recent episode, viewers witnessed Neeti's ruthless move as she sets the house ablaze in a bid to eliminate Pari and reclaim Rajeev's affections. Rajeev, hearing Neeti's cries for help, rushes to her aid. Despite Bebe's scolding, Neeti remains resolute in her pursuit, vowing to go to any lengths to win Rajeev back, even if it means endangering Pari's life. Simultaneously, Rajeev endeavors to rescue Pari trapped in the kitchen. Neeti, however, attempts to thwart his efforts, resulting in her own injuries. Rajeev, after dispatching assistance for Neeti, hurries to save Pari.

In the upcoming episode, Neeti confronts Chandrika, questioning whether she believes her 'poor Pari' will be saved this time. Meanwhile, Pari, stranded in the kitchen, succumbs to unconsciousness amidst the escalating fire. Sanju, who was attempting to rescue her, also becomes trapped under a pillar, leaving both of them in a perilous situation.

As the suspense unfolds, the audience is left wondering about the subsequent developments. Share your predictions and interpretations in the comments below.

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They turned Neeti completely negative to glorify Pari.

3 months ago

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