Twists and Turns unfold as Parineet faces accusations, arrest, after marital turmoil in COLORS’ ‘Parineetii’

The upcoming episodes of Colors TV's show Parineeti are all set to bring in major twists.

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Anchal Sahu

In the upcoming week, amidst escalating tensions, Neeti accuses Parineet of betrayal and holds her responsible for the marital issues that have unfolded. While Sanju diligently searches for an exit in the cave, he stumbles upon a locked door, adding to the mystery. Eventually, both Parineet and Sanju manage to reach the cave exit, only to be confronted by a critical situation where they see Neeti is injured, and they rush her to the hospital.

 Anxious and determined, Parineet decides to return home with Sanju, intending to complete their wedding ceremony. As the Bajwa family witnesses the couple's marriage, the joyous occasion takes a dark turn when police come to the Bajwa house. Parineet is unexpectedly arrested for the attempted murder of Neeti, supported by an edited video that leads to her incarceration. Behind the bars, Parineet faces shocking revelations from the inspector about a different complainant, the dam manager has done. 

With Sanju vowing to stand by her, Daljeet's questionable actions and Sukhwinder's ominous warning leave a lingering question: Can love overcome the situation and will Sanju be able to save Parineet from the false accusations?

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Pari always to jail and did not do anything, but Neeti has done so many crimes, and doesn't get punished or jailed? Seriously, this is beyond ridiculous! It should be Neeti and Bebe in jail!

2 months ago

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