Ankita Bhargava on dealing with trolls during her miscarriage

The actor recent held an Instagram live where she bared it all talking about parenting, dealing with criticism and facing trolls during her days of miscarriage.

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Ankita Bhargava and Karan Patel

Actor Ankita Bhargava has definitely been through a journey of sorts where post getting married, the actor and husband Karan Patel welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Mehr.

However, before delivering Mehr, Bhargava experienced an unfortunate miscarriage. The actor recent held an Instagram live where she bared it all talking about parenting, dealing with criticism and facing trolls during her days of miscarriage.

Talking about how she manages to make time for herself, she said, "Everything that I do, I think, is for Mehr. Getting back to shape is also a way of taking care of oneself. My motivation to do that was not about feeling bad for the way I look. Because of the weight that I had gained, my knees, ankles had started hurting, and I realised, if Mehr was 8 months back then, by the time she's one and one and a half, she'd be running and walking, and how will I cope up. So, keeping that in mind, I lost weight, not because I became fat or I was not looking good. She was my motivation of starting my own label of clothing back then. She is my motivation for everything that I am doing right now in life. Maybe, I have forgotten myself after becoming a mother but this cycle is such that my daughter reminds me of my worth and my personality. Whatever I forget, she reminds me. So, this is a cycle."

Talking about getting back to acting, she said, "I want to get back to work but I can't say acting is my first love anymore. My daughter is my first love and it's going to be that forever. But, I love acting, I love to perform, I love theatre and I will get back. As of now, if I am blessed, if I am privileged to spend as much time as possible with my daughter right now, then with gratitude and folded hands, I will take that blessing and spend time with Mehr. After maybe a year, when I feel she's become more independent, she has other things to focus on, then I'll start work."

On trolls, she said, "For me, gradually the trolling became less. When I got married to Karan, the trolling was at a height, another lever, for whatever reasons. When Divyanka (Tripathi) got married, the trolling got little better. Then Mehr happened and when I wasn't releasing her photographs, the trolling again shot up. When Karan surprised or rather shocked me by posting Mehr's picture online, the trolling declined. And now that I do post about her, I show her face in doing activities, the trolling doesn't happen. As of now, no trolling is happening to me. Everybody is happy to watch my post. Thank you for being kind."

Talking about Patel's support throughout this time of trolling, she said, "Since Karan is not so active on Instagram, he personally never came across such trolling, he would only get to know about these things when I would tell him. There were times when things bothered me a lot and I would tell him. He would tell me, 'Just stop it. Don't even think about it. Who are these people? Do you know them? They are very weak and anonymous.' But once you have that in your head, it really hurts. It troubles you. My father was deeply shaken with all the trolls I received, so much so, that his BP (Blood Pressure) levels shot up and he's been taking BP medicines since then. People don't realise but trolling is bad. It was only when I got badly trolled after I miscarried was when Karan lost his calm and made some multiple posts about the ugly trolling happening. Once somebody trolled Mehr and Karan lost his sh*t. What happens is once when you calmly post something on Instagram, some of them stop trolling, some become even worse. I feel, sometimes ignoring is better but sometimes, giving back to them is very important."

Kudos to the actor for handling with grace.

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I used to follow them during YHM. The trolling was horrible. It left such a bad taste in my mouth, i stop watching the show ans unfollowed all accounts. Kudos tonher for her courage. May God bless them

2 years ago

Aw sad to about her miscarriage hopefully she gives back to the replies

2 years ago

Senseless anonymous ppl 😐

2 years ago

Trolling someone for their miscarriage? Trolling an innocent child? How low will people go?

If someone is a decent human being, they will remain that even if anonymous and behind a computer screen.

These people need to reflect on the kind of person they are deep inside.

2 years ago

at least she accepted her daughter is now in public eye unlike anushka

2 years ago

People are insensitive,, who trolls on a miscarriage. And who trolls a child ?

2 years ago

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