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Akshay Kumar tries Forcing the Audience to Like his comedy films?

Recently, Akshay Kumar talked about comedy films and the type of content he has been generating. But, he seems to encourage fans to consume it as just a film and nothing more than that?


Courtesy : Hindustan Times

The Housefull franchise has suffered a major loss in terms of its fourth instalment. The film received a lot of mixed reviews from audience and critics as well. Now, the recent reports have also claimed that the makers are planning for a new addition to the franchise.

In a way, the major flaw with Bollywood’s comedy films is believed to be the addition of sexist dialogues. Slapstick and sexist comedy has become two common genres these days for filmmakers to entertain the mass. Somehow the Housefull franchise has always revolved around the same. Perhaps, since the last two films, it seems to be very evident. 

Talking about slapstick and sexist comedy in the industry Koimoi quoted Akshay saying: 

There are many many Hollywood slapstick comedies also but everybody that time writes three stars, four stars. It’s just a character, we speak when we feel like but it’s just comedy and I take it like that. When I see somebody else’s film whether it’s anybody, I go in that kind of mood. I sit with my children, we watch it laugh.

- Akshay Kumar

Talking about generalising women, Akshay said, “There are many other ways of making fun of men. This is just a character, watch it as a film.”

In a way, Akki seems to be urging the fans to watch his films and he doesn't seem to notice the issue at hand and the overall outcome of a film. 

Meanwhile, fans might have been hoping for a sensible plot out of Good Newwz. But, only time will tell if the film stands out to the audience's expectations. 

Apart from being known for his run to grab biopics, Akki is a very witty actor and humorous in real life as well. But, recently during the trailer launch of Good Newwz, his joke did not go well with the audience and his sexual humour left the audience uncomfortable.

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