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Ajay is a director to the core - Kajol.

Soon-to-be-released "U Me Aur Hum" really deserves that name. Looking at the project it seems Ajay and Kajol have decided to take care of all the fields of film making.

Published: Friday,Feb 15, 2008 16:43 PM GMT-07:00
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Soon-to-be-released “U Me Aur Hum” really deserves that name. Looking at the project it seems Ajay and Kajol have decided to take care of all the fields of film making. Ajay is directing for the first time and he is directing Kajol. Ajay-Kajol are acting in it. Kajol is debuting as producer with this film. Okay, no more introductions. It’s now the time for Kajol, me, you and the eve of music release of “U Me Aur Hum”.

Q.: Ajay Devgan directed Kajol. How was the experience?
A.: As an actress I would like to say that Ajay is the real director material. He was one of the best directors I have ever worked with. And as his wife I would say that I am proud of the fact that my husband directed me as the leading actress of “U Me Aur Hum”. He is really a director to the core.

Q.: You are the producer of the film. How was the
Ajay is a director to the core - Kajol.
chemistry between the director and the producer? Did you discuss the film in home also?
A.: No, we didn’t go for any extra effort on that. We worked together on every stage of the making of “U Me Aur Hum”. And the credit goes to all the crew members of the film. They all worked hard for the film. But all throughout the process we enjoyed every moment. We used to chat and develop new ideas. And there was little chance of improvisation as we had a bound script to follow. Since we are in the stage of post production our discussion over the film has increased. Ajay speaks only about the film.

Q.: From acting to producing film. Would there be the next step of directing film?
A.: Not at all. I am still happy as an actress. I feel most comfortable in that field. Ajay acted in the shooting like the principal of the school. And it’s obvious that if principal is not disciplined then school goes haywire. He made sure everyone on the sets feel who the
captain of the ship was. He has a completely different working pattern. Well, for the record though he was the director of the film I was also the producer so he couldn’t scold me (smiling). He was so clear with his ideas that he never got a chance to reprimand me.

Q.: Vishal Bharadwaj sang the title track of the film. How do you think the music will work?
A.: I believe to bring in new talents. As newcomers we were also given a break. As far as Vishal Bharadwaj is concerned, he is a great music director and has a great voice. We asked him to sing the title track, it is my most favourite number in the film. The album has lovely tracks for the audience. There is a slow romantic number, a naughty number and a fast Punjabi track. So it is a mix of everything so that people of every taste can enjoy that.

Q.: As an actress what kind of roles are you looking forward to?
A.: Here I must inform that I've tentatively said yes to Karan Johar. I have not yet went through the script. Everything is at the starting level. As for my roles I am completely dependant on the scripts. It has to be a good script and a good director must be ready to direct that. I won't say yes unless I like the script.

Q.: Did Nyasa come to the sets of U Me Aur Hum? How does she enjoy your earlier films?
A.: Nyasa was with us on the cruise but not on the sets. She didn’t enjoy shooting. She also had to go to school so I didn’t take her around much. When she is around on the set my motherly instinct comes forward and that prevents me concentrating on my work. (Smiling) I tried showing her my films. You know, when she sees me crying she starts crying too and asks us to change the channel. She can’t tolerate tears in my eyes. Maybe she will enjoy my films when she grows up and can understand that I am just acting.

Q.: Do you think the coming back of married heroines in the film is a trend now?
A.: Yeah it looks like a trend but it's not a recent trend. Heroines from Sairabano days have made a comeback after marriage. But yes the taste of audience has changed since then. Audience’s viewpoint has been changed. Films on different subjects are being experienced. I think I am lucky to be in such an age where I can experiment on different kinds of films. It’s now no more a 16 year old heroine’s leading time.


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