Aise Karo Naa Vidaa boys stunt-buffs!

All the male actors of COLORS' Aise Karo Naa Vidaa, insist on performing their own stunts!


The director and action director of Colors' Aise Karo Naa Vidaa are facing a unique dilemma of having all their lead men insist on performing their own stunts.

According to our source, "All three actors Anas Rashid, Rohit Purohit and Mohit Daga insisted on performing their own stunts. Eventually the director after consulting the action director relented on the condition that they'd all complete their stunts in one take thus reducing the risk factor."

Anas Rashid who essays the role of Yashvardhan says, "Yes, I wanted to do my own stunts. I had to break a glass in which my hand got cut. But it's nothing major; I didn't even go to the doctor for treatment."

Expressing why he believes strongly in executing his own stunts Anas says, "All my life I've heard big actors like Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt say that there's no gain without taking risks. So I've always been keen on doing my own stunts. My experience in Prithviraj Chauhan has been helpful in training me do various kinds of stunts. So this time, while I was aware of the risk, it wasn't entirely nerve-wracking for me."

Mohit Daga who plays Sharad, also ended up with a small casualty. He says, "It's no serious injury. Just that my jump was slightly miscalculated and I ended up putting extra pressure on one of my knees hurting it a bit in the process. That's all."

Mohit adds, "Actually my action director was worried because we were wearing clothes made of silk. That was a high-risk factor considering that we had to do the stunt amidst blazing fire. So then they decided that they'd take only one shot, a close up of me because in the wide shots my efforts would anyways go to waste as I won't be seen that clearly."

When asked what is it about risks that appeal him he naughtily replies, "I have always loved taking risks from childhood and I'm not giving up that habit yet."

Rohit Purohit aka Aryaman tells us, "I knew that I won't let any performer or dupe doing my stunts. I had to do it myself. And then I saw Anas doing his part which gave me a fair idea of what was in store. So, I had readied my mind in advance for the stunt. Later it was just left to … jump in!"

While we appreciate the sincerity of the boys towards their 'work' we'll continue to keep our fingers crossed for the safety of these daredevils!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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u.r.m.s 10 years ago dats a good thing... doing stunts.. but plz b careful dear... i m sure u will be.. luv yaaa
urmi2 10 years ago brave boy! I appreciate this attitude of urs... all d best dear!
gangal4321 10 years ago That's good.How long will they require and assitant 2 the stunts.When theywant to go in filmline they had 2 do so. Its good they did so .I would say Gr8 Keep it up all of U
arabian_love 10 years ago wow , wish anas best of luck for stunts Wink2010-04-13 23:06:51
niksidfan 10 years ago gr888 job guys..........hope this show goes to the top:)thar cast is awesome:)
maryam428 10 years ago Gr8 job by three of them..glad that anas took initiative!!
Shaina_b 10 years ago Anas is a great actor and its great to see his dedication!!!!

pratsy 10 years ago dats gr8
i thnk dey all r talkng abt d fire scene..in which yash saved reva 2day
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