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After father’s encounter with Covid-19, Amyra Dastur urges others to help COVID stricken families

Actress Amyra Dastur urges others to do research while helping COVID stricken people & families and donate to small NGOs

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Amyra Dastur

Bollywood actress, Amyra Dastur has always been known to voice her opinion in subjects that matter and are relevant. This time is no different. The Tandav actress has surely been doing her bit by giving back to society during this pandemic which has affected and displaced millions of Indians.

COVID-19 has deeply affected the world and uprooted several families, adversely affecting their health and financial status. Recently, Amyra’s father was hospitalised after his oxygen levels had dropped due to Covid-19. After seeing her loved one almost taken away from her, the actress has now decided to initiate her own CSR activities by stepping up and lending a hand to the families in need.

Instead of simply donating money to notable NGOs, the Mumbai based starlet Amyra has been doing her research and helping those who have no shelter or support from these big charitable organisations. She has been tapping small scale NGOs who are not privy to big donations and helping them gather funds and attention to feed those families who have no source of income to put food on their tables on a daily basis. 

In a statement shared with us, Amyra says:

"3,200 rupees is all it takes to feed a family of 4 for as long as one month! I urge everybody to help and donate in any way they can to these families but to also carry out their homework and help those NGOs who are working on a small scale without a well known face or corporate backing.

The smaller NGOs are the ones who need donations and they’re often overlooked because they aren’t as well promoted or as popular as the bigger NGOs but I know for a fact that the small ones make the biggest impact. We should pay attention to small NGOs and do our research while helping COVID stricken people & families. Our efforts pooled together will surely make a difference to the world in the long run.”

She also has been assisting those households who have more mouths to feed, in other words, families with lots of children. She’s managed to send food to 30 families. As a celebrity, Amyra feels it is also her responsibility to shed light on households who have lost their main income earners due to the pandemic among others who are in need and we can't agree more.

Amyra Dastur

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