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'Acting has become a time pass for most' Mihir Misra

This usually quiet actor does not speak up often, but when he does, he literally fires straight from the hips.Now that he is entering Zaara, we caught up with him.

Published: Tuesday,Sep 18, 2007 08:21 AM GMT-06:00
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Acting has become a time pass for most  Mihir Misra
Mihir Misra is a busy man these days. Having kept a low profile after his abrupt exit from the Sahara One serial Hare Kaanch Ki Chudiyan a while back, this very good looking actor will once again be seen in another show of Sahara One: Zaara, as a negative character. He will be playing the role of a blackmailer who is from UK, and being impoverished, he blackmails a girl who he has impregnated . We caught on with the soft spoken actor, and in his inimitable style, he shoots straight at the target.

I am playing a negative character in Sahara One’s Zaara. It is produced by Benaifa Kohli and it is something I have never done before. Why negative? Well, basically one gets to do a lot more when playing a negative. Now a days, when the story is not the hero, often the leads end up having their character mutilated to sustain the TRPs. But when you are already negative, there is little scope for such mutilation. It can only get better.

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Acting has become a time pass for most  Mihir Misra

Why I picked it up? Right now, it’s a character I liked, so took it up. Though I really don’t know what the story line exactly is going to be later Afteral, you seldom do what you initially signed for at the start of the show.

Acing has become a time pass for most people. There is no passion, and it has become so monotonous that there is no room for creativity or intelligence. It’s all about money. As long as they can hear the jingle, everything is all right in their universe. Quality is the last thing in their priority list, if there at all. They just want people to look good, which is great, but that’s all they want. Whether you can perform or not is not really a matter of concern.

For me, acting has always been a passion, where I can create something, give life to another person who is not really me. But as an actor, it is difficult to survive in such a mechanical atmosphere. Making compromises is not easy for those for whom acting is much more than glycerines, panning the camera and canning the shots.

Maybe I can use India Forums as a platform to send a message out there to anyone who is listening that hey dude, I am here, I love acting. If it’s an actor you need, take me, but if you need a face, please take somebody else.

Reporter: Minnie

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talkativetaurus @talkativetaurus 16 years ago thanks for the article ... he got words!! well said.........
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~*puja*~ @~*puja*~ 16 years ago Well said, I'm glad that he's an actor and not a tv star... he actually cares. Good for him!!!
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Naina @sumonetolub 16 years ago thanx..........i really like mihir and what he said is sad but true.........but thats how we appreciate actors like him more.........naina
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Yuvika @Yuvika_15 16 years ago well said!!! i hope he becomes successful..there was a time where he wasnt getting much offers..lets hpe this works out well for him
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hani @*bunnybear* 16 years ago wow....exelent...i love him...he is the best actor ever
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