A shocker eviction in Jhalak

Another shocking elimination takes place tonight in the show...Read to know more..

After the exit of Ram Kapoor, this week will see yet another face-off where two popular celebrities fight to exist in the show in Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, Season 3 tonight. Wellit's quite a shocker as Gauhar Khan and her new choreographer Himanshu bid adieu to the audience and the stage.

"With the duo, Parul and Deepak were in the face off round. The junta and judges chose Parul over Gauhar leaving the contestant in tears," says our informer.

Juhi was not so happy with Gauhar moving out of the show. "After the junta ka judgment, judges are requested to choose the best. In face off,  Parul scored better than Gauhar, and won Vaibhavi and Saroj's votes."

"When Juhi was asked to decide, she simply stated that every time her decision has been in sync with the other two judges, but this time she would like to choose Gauhar as she is a fabulous dancer. Gauhar was very upset, but then the judges told her to work hard for the wild card entry round".,chirps our little birdie.

All eliminated contestants are working hard for the wild card entry round which will be held next week. "Gauhar has said that she will work hard and try and get in through the wild card," concludes the source.

Well let's see who stays in and who goes out in the coming episode of Jhalak as competition gets tougher.

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Comments (125)

i like gauher as a dancer... is s the best amongest all girls out there... i don''t believe in public voting etc.. its all bullshit!
acting is different than dancing, y don''t they understand? parul deservea elimination than gauher... i want her back.

15 years ago

woooow....i neva fort tht the gudges wud choose parul ova her

15 years ago

yesssss ram should get in through wild card.

15 years ago

thank god parul is saved!!gauhar seems to be very proudy n even she was not happy with hanif so she deserves this but any how nice to hear parul is safe

15 years ago

I want Ram back...thats all i want...lol...!!!

15 years ago

You get what you deserve I am happy that she got eliminated. She was judge-mental and made life hell for Hanif. I want Ram back on the show she should not come back on the show through wild card.

15 years ago

she was good dancer n beautiful
but i''m happy she got eliminate, coz i can''t stand her. so much attitude she have

15 years ago

gauhar must come back in wild card round

15 years ago

well all the best to gauhar, but would def want Ram back in Wild Card

15 years ago

i cnat stand this girls attitude! yes, defn, lets get Ram back! lol

15 years ago

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