A new hurdle to face, for Prachi...

The good news in Kayamath is that, Milind is alive.. But does this mean that MICHI will unite? Catch an insight to the new twist here..

Published: Sunday,Feb 17, 2008 12:05 PM GMT-07:00
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The ardent viewers of Kayamath have reasons to smile now, as the much-loved Milind is getting back from the jaws of death. Last week witnessed a big twist in the serial wherein Ayesha, in an effort to bump off Prachi ended up being the reason for Milind’s very drastic accident.

The fans of MICHI, (Milind and Prachi) have been demanding the union of their most loved Jodi for some time now, and it now looks like the Creatives have finally decided to give the viewers some reason to smile. So does it mean that the union of MICHI is right on the cards now? Well, in the world of soaps, all good twists get followed by a sad twist to the tale. So what can be expected in the storyline of Kayamath in days to come?

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According to our sources, the story will now move with Milind facing a life and death situation in the hospital and Prachi, being the dutiful wife prays for the well being of her husband. Neev has his own doubts on Ayesha, and all opens up when Prachi realizes that Ayesha, in a bid to kill Prachi ended up hurting Milind. Milind finally gets back to health, but here lies the next twist to the tale. Milind gets back home, but he is a changed man now. Well, what is the reason for this change in behavior? The fact is that Milind has lost his memory partially. He remembers everything, except the happenings in the past one year.. Alas!! Now what will happen to Prachi?

How will Prachi manage to get her love back? What will the confrontation between Prachi and Ayesha end up in? Will Neev be able to catch Ayesha red-handed? And above all, will Neev help Prachi to come out of this complicated situation?

As for now, the story line is bound to give mixed reactions for the viewers!! Happiness owing to the return of Milind, which probably gets overshadowed by the grief that MICHI are still not together, what with Milind losing track of the most ‘precious phase’ of his life…

Reporter:Ranjini Nair
Author:Srividya Rajesh

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Ezria_Fan_4ever 15 years ago rubbish story line,
whats wrong to the creatives yaar,
cant they for once unite michi,
im out of this crap story,
have quit watching it.
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griffy.fz 15 years ago its the same old story .... ileft this serial ages back..'cuz i knew it would end like this ...god ekta ji kuch karo!
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
-Preeti- 15 years ago knew Ekta would do something or the other
as she never let ppl live happily
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
HS.KaSh 15 years ago crap this n other kekta' show is totally suck always repeating the same troubles n all , so pathetic storylinei must say.
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prishika 15 years ago ohh great!!!now even if neev and prachi decide to have ayesha punished for her causing milind's death.....because milind will supposedly forget that he married prachi. and go save freakin ayesha!!

that's SAD!
i mean hasn't the show shown only unhappiness the whole time for prachi!!?>!?!?
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simrat91 15 years ago yesss! i luv MA!! well b4 ayesha was a psyco....
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ppanache 15 years ago Again, the same old crap!
Par kya karaen.....BT ka camp koi acha writer nahi hai!!! LOL
Phir..Chalo yeh bhi hum dhekengae...
Poor prachi! Hope she doesn't get any eye problems after using all that glycerine...

For Shaboo's and panchi sake we'll watch even this...unless it becomes so intolerable...
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brownies 15 years ago this stinks...i dont understand why they did this...that means that he wont remember all the good things...
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ddddd 15 years ago ITs good hes back, but still no michi is sad :(

zana456 - good point...thought knowing Ekta and her bloopers she wont realise...
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zana456 15 years ago Well its good he is returing but that means he will go for Ayesha now but if am not wrong they have celebrated their 1st anniversary so he will remember his marriage if Ekta realises that fact
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