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A good diet and regular work-out makes a man 'Perfect' - Amit Jain

The handsome hunk Amit jain talks about his fitness regime, diet control and much more...

Published: Sunday,Feb 24, 2008 10:58 AM GMT-07:00
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Are you a fitness freak?
I wouldn't say I am a fitness freak. Fitness freaks are those who work out 24x7. I just like to stay fit and am quite health conscious. I go to the gym and work out regularly.

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Do you follow any fitness regime?

I make sure I hit the gym at least three to four times a week. My workouts don't have to be rigorous and at times just include dancing and stretching. At times if I don't get time to go to the gym I just play a sport when I have the space and time, but that is also something that is very rare in a place like Mumbai.

As far as your diet goes, is there a strict regime for you?

No strict regime as such, I just try and avoid deep fried foods like samosas, burgers, puris etc. Other than that I eat all food items.

What is your usual diet?

I begin my day with a healthy breakfast that includes cornflakes, milk and fruits. I make sure I carry my food with me on the days I am shooting so that I can avoid eating outside food. But if by chance I have to eat outside I would go for something that is fat-free like a sandwich or dosas.

How do you manage to follow your fitness routine with such a busy schedule?

For me, I think if you are passionate about working out, you can take out the time to do it, no matter how busy a schedule you have. For instance, when I am shooting I generally prefer carrying my fitness equipment with me so that I can work out as and when I get the time.

What is the importance of following a fitness regime, in your opinion?

I strongly believe that it is very important to follow a good fitness regime. Nowadays we all have such a busy working schedule that we hardly have the time to concentrate on our health. But I think if you keep yourself fit and healthy you are automatically happy about everything in life.

Do you idolize anyone in the media fraternity when it comes to good physique?

I really like Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar because I think that they both have a great physique, and they work quite hard to maintain it inspite of the busy schedules they have to put up with.

Any health tips for our readers?

All I would say is avoid deep fried foods; eat more of healthy food like brown bread, lots of fruits, pulses and multi grain bread. Drink double toned milk as it is very good for the health. And the biggest mantra for a fit and healthy life is a good diet, exercise and relaxation.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Melanie

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Ultimate_Shadow 15 years ago thanx

i really adored him in ymlh. he was awesum as ronit..

well amit ur advice is cool man but i can't avoid eating spicy food. lolz but ya working out is also important
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