Sujata - Ek Stree Ka Samarpan

Sujata - Ek Stree Ka Samarpan

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Hi i am new

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Lavarnia 4 1942 14 years ago khan-hk
Dec 11 update

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-Happy4Ever- 6 4328 14 years ago khan-hk
What happened ?

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purveer 3 2085 14 years ago khan-anam
Hey guys plz help me

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Saharii.afg 1 1648 14 years ago khan-anam
~*Sujata GOTW-->>Banned*~

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Vitna 17 5259 14 years ago kavyaknair

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NIENIE 1 1673 14 years ago NIENIE

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SANDY 1 1707 14 years ago irene2008
May be it did not end

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-Happy4Ever- 3 1982 14 years ago irene2008
Sujata is over

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Lavarnia 4 3175 14 years ago Candy_Crush
Dec 9th update

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-Happy4Ever- 2 2487 14 years ago gapgirl


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Indrani Haldar
Indrani Haldar

as: Sujata Shah

Sujata had a love marriage with her husband, Viresh. She is also blessed with two children, but now at the age of 40 she starts to realize that her family has taken her for granted and wants to find ...

Parmeet Sethi
Parmeet Sethi

as: Kabir

Kabir (Sujata's college friend/ex-lover)

Ravee Gupta
Ravee Gupta

as: Menka

Menka is Viresh's best friend/co-worker

Aman Yatan Verma
Aman Yatan Verma

as: Viresh Shah

Sujata's husband who is making a name for himself in the corporate world.

Renuka Israni
Renuka Israni

as: Faiba/Maa

Faiba/Maa (Viresh's mother, antagonist)

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