Shraddha is a story about a girl named Shraddha who lives in a small town Ujjain. Shraddha means devotion, and as the name of the show and the girl suggests it's about the devotion of a girl to her parents; devotion of a girl towards GOD; and devotion towards fulfilling all the wishes of her family. As the show is based in Ujjain, the holy place for the Hindus, the biggest USP of the show is its religious and spiritual approach towards life. Shraddha's parents' life long wish is to visit the char dhams that are situated in the four corners of our country - namely Dwaraka (west), Kedar-Badrinath (north), Puri (east) & Rameshwaram (south). Shraddha's main aim is to fulfill their wish. When everyone else pulls back their hands to take this responsibility; on the footsteps of the famous mythological son Shravan Kumar, Shraddha decides to take her parents for the visit. A girl who never stepped out of her town; who never even faced the hardships of this world, now decides to step in all the four corners of the country. With her blind mother and old father Shraddha begins the journey of faith and devotion – a journey of dedication towards God and towards his form in this world called parents. Will Shraddha be able to fulfill this dream of her parents? Will her devotion towards God pay her back?