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VM Request

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PROTOPLASM 2 1665 13 years ago Pooj@
Any scene you wished never happened??

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mishti_17 2 1843 13 years ago Pooj@
Caption Contest Winner

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-De.De- 1 1722 13 years ago Pooj@
Official Usmaan-Ansari Discussion & App. Thread

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-De.De- 96 13798 13 years ago powder12
Important - All members Must See!

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-De.De- 2 1873 13 years ago Pooj@
Simply MahiDa ParadiS! More Update pg141

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-De.De- 1135 53379 13 years ago -De.De-
The end u wanted!!!!

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sehar mehrotra 9 3576 13 years ago PROTOPLASM
hot seating..new game..!!!

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chatterboxx 12 3040 13 years ago Pooj@
Powder Creation Gallery

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lilindiangurl13 66 14912 13 years ago -De.De-
Finale Episode Discussion - 01/07/10

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-De.De- 16 6682 13 years ago -De.De-


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Pankaj Tripathi
Pankaj Tripathi

as: Naved Ahmed Ansari

Ansari, is the next big thing in the underworld, the drug demon. He is who the Narcotics Control Bureau is hunting for sleeplessly. A planned, analyzed and strong & evolved sense of business move ...

Rahul Bagga
Rahul Bagga

as: Mahendra Ranade

Mahendra hates crime, hates criminals. Young, brash, street-smart, hot headed, foul mouthed but a loyal friend and protector of law, Mahendra is a typical case of extreme personality. An eye for an ...

Manish Chaudhari
Manish Chaudhari

as: Usman Ali Malik

Meet the most experienced and efficient officer of the NCB who thinks parallel and ahead of the person on his hit list. Meet the man trying to make the most out of the system by staying in the system. ...

Geetika Tyagi
Geetika Tyagi

as: Brinda Sawhney

Gorgeous looks, stable career, marriageable age and clearly comfortable lifestyle. But Brinda wanted more out of life than the usual. She is the only woman, in the male cluttered NCB. Constantly ...

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