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Finale Episode of Powder

This is it? I guess, this is it.
  • Wasim calls Ansari and tells him he's coming to bangkok
  • Wasim gets stuck at airport as staff was alerted, he somehow gets away from there.
  • Ashwini (poor guyπŸ₯Ί) has to bear the anger of his boss. He tells him he better be telling truth about mahindra running away or Ashwini is in deep trouble.
  • ISO (I think) gets a warrant against Brinda too for helping mahindra to run away.😭πŸ₯Ί
  • Bose tries to protect her and asks her to but all blame on Mahindra, Brinda in shock.
  • Jugdale (omg... I can't believe this is happening!!😭😭😭) is sent to jail where he sent drug dealers. Sadiqui says he'll try his best to get him out.
  • Ansari, Lu & Pinto are together. Pinto tells Robert is Lu's brother.
  • Wasim calls Ansari and begs him to get him out of there but Ansari refuses as Pinto pointing gun and also telling Lu's poeple are at his house. Wasim gets heart broken and cries. (LOVE Amitosh here.. what a performance!πŸ‘)
  • Wasim surrenders and gives his testimony to NCB.
  • Binita also tells she'll give testimony against Ansari's dealer who was her friend before.
  • Rati comes there and Wasim tells he did all this because he wanted to stay close to her. AWWWW😳😳
  • Usmaan goes to Sadiqui asking what he'll do to save Jugdale, Brinda 7 Mahindra and he says.. whatever I can.
  • Ansari cased officially finished. Usmaan is taking pictures out of board but leaves Ansari's out.
  • Ansari in bangkok sends Zubeida and his son back to India to her mother's house. He tells her that there's a warrant against him so he cant come.
  • Ansari and Usmaan face to face! - BEST SCENE.πŸ‘ Usmaan tells Ansari once he made Usmaan alone when Satish died and now he came to see how alone Ansari is. And today he realises that Ansari is even more lonelier than Usmaan. He also adds that where Ansari was once a king now he can't go there because of Usmaan and his officers. Usmaan gives the other part of torn pciture to Ansari and says remember me. Ansari is left alone.

I.. I really don't know what to say. Great, fantastic, mind blowing; I simply crave for more. I want more.😳 Only thing I was little sad about that there was no Mahindra in finale.. THE FINALE.😲πŸ₯Ί Anyhoo.. moving on. The whole episode was simply amazing; pace, dialogues, expressions, storyline.. WOW.

But seriously, Brinda too?😲😲 She too in trouble? OMG.. can't believe my trio are paying such a heavy price. It is really heavy price, esp. when they didn't do wrong. They did all this to catch Ansari.

Last scene - Usmaan & Ansari's is the best. This is the moment we all have been waiting for. This moment, but it was so unexpected, very unexpected. I did thought Usmaan will go to Bangkok to ARREST him with his team. But like this.. Nooooo.
Usmaan should've got him arrested, Ansari should've been behind the bars, not like this. But I guess his punish is much greater than behind the bars, because he is all alone now. I just love this scene.

Brinda... Wow.. I.. I simply don't have words to describe her in this episode. She won my heart, simply won it.😳Geetika rules.πŸ₯³Geetika is treat to watch, she is a stricking actress.

Manish sir, Pankaj sir as Usmaan & Ansari- Splendid workπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ In this series for the first time I felt hate and love, sympathy and antipathy for Usmaan & Ansari both. In just same series, same character. In the beginning episodes I really sympathized with Ansari until he killed Kartik. As for Usmaan sir.. I really love this character and really sypathized with him when found out about Satish. But I don't know in few episodes when he totally ignored Mahindra & Brinda.. that anger, which he didn't just let go off. It really put me off.πŸ˜›

Maneesh Verma as Ashwini - In the beginning this is what I had to say for Ashwini 'I just love to hate this guy'. And Now.. he is so cute and not a bad guy afterall.πŸ˜³πŸ˜‰πŸ˜† He still has a heart which reminds me whenever he used to flirt with Amrutha he used to remind me somewhat of Rohan (Kavi)😳. Maneesh magnificent work.πŸ‘

Amitosh as Wasim - Esne dimaag ka daahi bohut karwaya humara.πŸ˜† He used to seem so harmless, just a lover boy.πŸ˜† But when he got into business gosh.. he seemed to be 2 steps ahead of Ansari.. Kya dimaag paya hai wasim ne kable tareef hai.πŸ‘ But I really really loved the Wasim shown today, there is still a part of that harmless and pure lover boy which was before.😳 I'm proud of you Wasim for what you did today.πŸ˜ƒ Amitosh - simply outstanding performance.πŸ‘

Rasika as Rati - I'm really impressed by Rati's performance in this show. She's so simple yet amazing. Rati only loved in this show, she just loved Wasim to bits but poor girl also got trapped in all this. But I really have to say I salute her for her guts to marry Wasim knowing what type of business he is going into and his family is into. To be honest, I would never be able to do that. Rasika - Can't wait to see you in next show. You are amazing.πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘

Shreya as Julie - Juile bechari toh puri serial mein yahan aur wahan mein phasi rahi. I wish I could get to know more about her, there was not much about her history, her story. But Shreya did awesome job as Julie; I felt so bad for her that even after so much she & Raghav couldn't get together.

Rishi as Raghav - When first he entered, I wasn't much sure whether I like him or not, Raghav seemed like a total villianπŸ˜†. But as it shown he is not a bad guy after all. He is an emotional person and because of this he couldn't keep up much in this business. He doesn't know how to let go of things and he just reacts in more strong way to things. But I am glad he decided to help NCB in the end. Honestly, it was equally heart breaking for me to see him send off Julie with mahindra. The look, the pain in his eyes was....

Guarav as Kartik - Boy, I really missed you too tonight😭 I so wish you were here. Kartik was a real friend and a true, hard working officer. I so wish he didn't died, I really liked him. He seemed to be a peace maker between MahiDa.😳Guarav - Fantastic job.πŸ‘πŸ‘


Rahul & Geetika as Mahindra & Brinda - Yahan toh shabd kam par jate hain.. I wouldn't be able to summerize you both in just 1 paragraph so I'll just conlude on this: I love MahiDa, I love MahiDa... I LOVE MahiDa. You'll be in my hearts forever.😳Rahul & Geetika, I can't tell you how tempted I am to see you both again on-screen, together.😳 As for MahiDa they are eternal
❀️❀️ Even though I knew MahiDa wouldn't end up together but I never thought they will be seperated and that too like this!πŸ₯Ί Anyhoo.. Geetika & Rahul - no need to say you both are my favourite stars and simply rule my heart.😳 You both did a finest job.πŸ‘πŸΌ You both are excellent, superb, incompareable, finest, priceless... (in short allπŸ˜‰). Rahul really missed you in 'Finale' episode.. not even a glimpseπŸ₯Ί. And so looking forward to see you in your new show.πŸ˜ƒ Geetika you are a queen of expressions.πŸ˜ƒβ­οΈ

And all the other cast and crew of Powder.. guys you are the best team because you've managed to bring out the best of this show.πŸ˜ƒ Hats off to you all.

Atul sir (appko kaise bhol sakti hon) - Appko main kya kahon? Tussi great ho ji.😎 Kamse kam itna acha aur alag drama banane ka socha toh sahi aur socha nahi balke banaya bhi.πŸ˜ƒ

So this is it huh?!.. no more waiting for thursdays, no more episode discussions, no more of MahiDa.. no more of Powder.😭

I know it's a sad moment but let's be thankful guys atleast we got an oppurtunity to watch a different show like Powder.πŸ˜ƒ

Brilliant work everyone, simply superb.πŸ‘

Congrats and best wishes to Powder team.


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Posted: 13 years ago
Thanks Ika for the update. This is it. Powder has ended :)
Posted: 13 years ago
Originally posted by atulsabharwal

Thanks Ika for the update. This is it. Powder has ended :)

My pleasure sir.. but it's.. I mean.. wow, it really has ended!
Posted: 13 years ago

Can't think straight. Give me a day or two? :)

EDIT: Here we go!!!!

WARNING : VERY LONG. Seven a-4 size sheets, exactly. And my handwriting is not the size of an elephant. :)

There is a finality in the end, but an end is not an end in itself unless you consider it to be. For some, it may as well be the beginning.

The finale of any serial, movie or show decides its fate. Indians are extremely fond of climaxes - they make or break the show. We people are more interested in the end than in the beginning and not unduly so. Years of oppression induced that. That is my theory.
I digress.

Moving on to the episode - a fitting finale. Pacy and nail biting.

It mostly revolved around the protagonist and the antagonist - Usmaan and Ansari.Two formidable men who stand on either side of the law, tall, poker straight and with blazing eyes. In one's eyes rage the fires of determination and primordial territorial feelings while the others blaze of pain, betrayal and a tiny iota of revenge which keeps the hunt going.


Brinda is a character who has evolved with each episode. First unbending, staunch and at the end atruistic but practical. Deeply passionate about her work and connected to her colleagues. The exception to the latter is of course Mahendra.

I had been hoping for some kind of materialisation of feelings between them or a tiny, half baked confession. I won't lie to say that I did not want a passionate outbreak of emotions and tears et all for MahiDa. But the look at the end (of 25th episode) was as suggestive as the former.

That is reality for you. I have replied something like this in another thread and I will repeat that here: Happy endings are nice. But they do not necessarily culminate in reality. That is a truth we have to deal with, I am afraid. (And I call myself a romantic :) ) But as to the scope of imagination - there are no bounds so Happy MahiDa Dreaming.

Brinda was perfect in the last scene with Usmaan. I could find myself being drawn into the torrents of  her emotions as she unpinned the photographs, shaking slightly as she stood next to her superior.Brinda's respect towards Usmaan has always been commendable, but this showed the depth of her loyalty.

Overall, Brinda has been an intriguing character. I don't say that she hasn't felt lukewarm (rarely)
but Geetika's work was fantastic. She has a long way ahead!

While I am on Brinda, let me mull a bit on the trio. Rather than settling for something like Triumphant or  Turbid, I will go for Tenacious Three. (okay, hehe)

Umesh Jagdale does not deserve prison. His face literally made me want to pat him on the head and wipe away his unshed tears. Bah. Mahen was lucky, but Jugdale is still in jail, facing the brunt of police, public and the media, being labeled as a corrupt police officer. For an honest cop like Jugdale it is devastating and more painful than those bruises. Vikas did a really good job at portraying this earthy character. Excellent.

Mahen was absent but the stigma attached to his name was a lingering reminder of his sacrifice. Bagga ji was memorable. He will go places. (Already looking forward to his next serial!)

Siddiqui sahab is a challenging character. I chose to not include him in my Tenacious Three. Simply because he did not have anything at stake - neither career, nor honour. But a solid character still. Loses his nerve in front of Jugdale but manages to backtalk Usmaan.

Wasim and Rati deserve special treatment. First evolving as a cute couple, they rapidly changed tracks to occupy prime positions on the list of protagonists.

Somehow, I had never pegged Wasim as a quitter. But apparently, the tension, his brother's attitude and Rati's desertion managed to leave this man powerless. We applauded his cunning and intellect but now it appears as though Wasim was an orchid. Orchids are a spectacular species that are generally found on large trees that will provide them nourishment. Take away the tree and the flower wilts. Wasim bloomed only under the paternal shade of his brother's personality. Maybe some more years, a couple of murders cases and the streets would have converted the orchid to a peepul sapling. Adaptable, supple and resilient. Like his brother.

Rati was beautiful in her own way. I had always assumed her to be stronger than her husband. And so she was.

The last scene in the interrogation room was touching. The days at the football field and the clothes-line terraces seem like a hazy, brighter dream compared to the present grim reality.

Both their performances deserve accolades!

Usmaan revitalised himself. And so did Ansari.

Usmaan is a character who remains clear despite weathering all odds. And unfortunately remains alone. The walls he has erected are hard to scale - same goes for Ansari. Both are similar on many accounts yet so different.

I liked Ansari's resilience - he is like a determined leech. Refuses to budge. (Okay, sorry for the simile but it is the closest to the truth) The scene at the very end was powerful.

I was a bit disappointed that Ansari was not caught. Being a loud mouthed supporter of our democracy. I love it when powerful people are tried- and prosecuted. It is the common man's yell of hope. Rare, but what matters that it is heard. Merely its presence gives us hope - yes, its possible to triumph.

Ansari's trial would have been memorable landmark, but on the practical scale, the chances of it are nil. It was good to see him flapping about devoid of his poison, but thrashing about in the net. One thing that will be unconquerable will be this man's adaptability. Ansari will walk away with nothing except his adaptability. And hopefully not not bounce back to his former position in the market.

His betrayal (if I may call that) was not entirely unexpected. But it affected Wasim more than Ansari. It hurt Ansari too, but unlike others, Ansari does not wear his heart on his sleeve.

was more dynamic in last 3 episodes than the earlier 23 put together. Liked it.

Maneesh Verma as Ashwini was good. Hate him. Love him. But you can't ignore him. Doing the right thing in last 2 episodes has won him my good grace. :)

Shiven is innane and cute. Bose's dialogue 'Stop feeling so happy for Brinda' brought a smile to my face and a jungli thought of Briven. The word sounds so ridiculous in itself that I adabdoned the thought promptly. See (pros: cute, imandaar, intelligent.) (cons: MAHENDRA) i.e. End of the argument.

Music has always been a wonderful aspect of the show. I am heading off this instant to catch some wonderful Powder music from the gallery :)


Life will go on in NCB Mumbai. Usmaan will resign before his time to work with his mother. The piece of photograph will remain with him. Brinda and Shiven will move forward in the department. Jugdale will come out in due time, with Siddiqui Sahab's aid. Mahen and Julie will settle in Dubai.

Ansari will lie in a gutter and die. (yay!) Okay, no he will move on to a different country.

Kartik will become another statistic. People will soon forget. Media will look at the newest sport starlet who will wear spangled shoes while playing tennis and India will launch another spaceship.

Drugs will continue to come. They will be circulated and regulated, with dashing NCB officers hot on their heels.

Life will go on.

Crime will continue to reinvent.
So will law enforcement.

Whew! Became longer than expected! :P Hope you are still awake by now! :D

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Posted: 13 years ago

So Powder is over.πŸ˜” Here I go for the review of  my fav show, one last time..


The epi started off perfectly fine on a great pace. Ansari with Musa n Wu. Pinto accusing Ansari that he knew about the happenings in Mumbai n Ansari denying.  Robert is Wu's brother, Damn shocking.. So Ansari must've come to know how Wu must be feeling for his brother coz he felt the same about Waseem. Moving on, Waseem had almost fled. All tht happened at the airport was so unbelievable. Waseem disguising himself n then bribing tht police guy n tht guy getting killed. Had he not got killed, Ansari wud have got killed by Pinto.. Siddiqui coming to meet Jagdale n telling him tht he will get him out in the first hearing. My heart went out to Jagdale here. Mahendra had Brinda but Jagdale got unlucky. He risked his whole career n Man!! What a risk? He is kept in the same jail as the ones he himself caught. Politics everywhere.. Jagdale has got caught between this revenge business. Jagdale was so unhappy tht Waseem nor Ansari got caught. Poor guy must be thinking, his sacrifice went in vain. Ashwini was about to fall in trouble. The Vigilance chief had almost suspected but the way Ashwini was supported by his boss was nice. But at the same time, he himself is not sure whether to believe Ashwini or no, Him throwing away those files at Ashwini proves the same. Robert, the dealer  n Meet( I hope the name is right, Waseems friend) All of them denied knowing anything. The way Usman Sir hit tht dealer. I knew that it was something related to Binata. Binata becoming a govt witness. Good. Shiven still had his doubts about her. But Usman Sir cleared them all. So Usman & Co finally came to know via the Vigilance Department tht Brinda was involved in it as well. There was a hurt look on Bose n Usman Sir's faces. Some emotions are best kept unknown. First Mahendra n now Brinda. It must be really difficult. Even though the purpose behind it was good, the fact tht they kept it away from them has hurt them badly, Bound to. We only get hurt from the persons we believe the most. But I am happy NCB is seeing to it tht Brinda is rescued from it, not for herself but for NCB's name.  Pinto pointing a revolver at Ansari( In the initial epis if someone wud have said this to me, I wud have thought he has lost it) But True. Wu's power compelled Pinto to do so. When ones life is in danger, he doesn't see tht the opposite person is a friend or foe, he is just concerned about saving his own skin, Pinto did the same. Ansari was taken aback seeing Pinto do tht. The person whom he helped so much wanted to kill him, at tht moment he should have realized how Raja felt. Zubeida n Rizwan were in danger. Ansari reacting badly for this. WOW!! Great.. This man never thought about the people he killed n their families(Read: Kartik, Vidya n Chintu) Waseem calling up at the right time. Ansari denying help to his own brother.. Well he had no other option.. Waseem was so heartbroken. He shudnt have had, coz he knows his brother can do anything to save himself. He has an example of Raja in front of him. All this while he never belived tht his brother has killed Rajesh, but I am sure after tht scene he knows the truth. Usman n Siddiqui scene was great. Usman telling Siddiqui tht he used MahiDa n Jagdale emotionally n Siddiqui making him realize tht he shud be sympathizing with them coz of Satish's murder. The way Siddiqui said tht he will do how much he can for the trio made me happy. Also he saying noone else wud bother doing anything for "corrupt" Police officers like them. Back in the car Brinda telling Bose n Usman tht doing all this didn't have only their personal satisfaction but also for Kartik. Bose telling Brinda to put the blame on Mahendra, Brinda not happy about it. I wish Mahendra was shown in the last epi..Missed him sooo muchπŸ₯Ί .. So Waseem also surrendered. All the doors were closed for him n Im happy he believes Rati. Gosh the Waseem-Rati scene was so emotional. Rati breaking down n Waseem telling her tht he did all this for her, coz he wanted to stay close to her. Usman Sir taking a day off. Well I never thought he wud reach to Bangkok, but he did. The cabin scene where he is taking off all the pics n stops at the alst pic. It was so touchy. Brinda was soo sad..  So Zubeida n Rizwan have left n Ansari is all alone. The simply loved the last scene. It wasn't a perfect climax but almost OK. Coz I had always hoped tht at the end of it Ansari wud be caught n behind bars. But that didn't happen. Was unhappy coz of it. But the way Usman Sir told himt ht ince he had made him lonely in this world by killin Satish n today he n his officers have done the same to him. Ansari is a tough man, the way he challenged Usman tht he will set up his business again, Usman telling him tht he will always find Usman in between all this. The epi ended where it ended in the first epi. With the torn pic. Only difference was tht in the 1st epi, Usman had both the torn pics n at the end of it, Ansari n Usman had one torn pic each. Ansari must have known what he lost but nevertheless he is not gonna accept defeat.

Here it ends.. I had expected some other ending for Powder. I thought tht Ansari might get caught, but no tht didn't happen.. The end was start of a new beginning.. But nevertheless it was a nice end. Will miss the show but like Pooja said life goes on.. Maybe we may get lucky n get a season 2 for Powder as well.. Will wait till then.. And Im sure the wait will be worth…

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Posted: 13 years ago
It was a real treat watching this show. Hope the fact that Usman did not arrest Ansari means there will be a season2 also. Will miss it a lot. Now Thursdays will not be looked forward to. Great comments.
Posted: 13 years ago
Pooj... tere review ke liye toh Hats off. πŸ€— What a fantastic review!! πŸ˜ƒ
Posted: 13 years ago
Thanks Ika! Wow I am glad that you are still awake at the end of it! :P
Posted: 13 years ago
Originally posted by Pooj@

Thanks Ika! Wow I am glad that you are still awake at the end of it! :P

~I am practically a book worm, so reading this is not big thing. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†
Posted: 13 years ago
we miss powder. end eps.was great, whole 26 eps.was superb.

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