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JPBH Title song

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Why is this form so dead?

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JPBH Replacement!!!!!!

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"Move over Tulsi&Parvati,I've arrived"Noynikka

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Character Sketch & About The Show

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JPBH: Picture Gallery NO COMMENTS!

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Daily Updates Archive JPBH

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Promo Video Link ..

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JPBH - Articles Archive

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Renu Pande
Renu Pande

as: Siyani Bua

Siyani Bua is a widow. When Hari was alive she had shifted to ‘Hari Nivas’ permanently after the death of her husband. She was very fond, & full of praise of Hari. Siyani bua is desperate to find a ...


as: Kamakshi Sinha

Kamakshi is Sayani bua’s daughter, pleasantly plump & not very good looking. Her mother is desperate to get her married. While Kamakshi falls for every other guy, her mother always finds something ...

Noynikka Chakroborthy
Noynikka Chakroborthy

as: Lakshmi Sharma

Lakshmi is the newest member of ‘Hari Nivas’. She recently got married to Narendra, Savitri’s youngest son. She hails from a very rich family based out of Delhi, a girl who has seen ample of wealth ...

Jainam Shah
Jainam Shah

as: Babloo Sharma

Babloo is a very sweet & sensible kid with a perfect childhood. He names the Gharounda, Babloo Hari Nivas, which is a miniature of the main house. Narendra & Babloo share a very strong bonding. Babloo ...

Drupad Davawala
Drupad Davawala

as: Aditya Sharma

Aditya is 20 years old smart chap. A sportsman who idolizes Yuvraj Singh and is a fitness freak, extrovert, and highly focused that brings about a streak of stubbornness in him. He refuses to get up ...

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