• Anisha Kapur Anisha Kapur

    as: Gauri

    Gauri thinks Amar is Shivam,her fiance is also married to Amar but only to save her from being tortured by of her entire village

  • Amit Dua Amit Dua

    as: Karan

    Karan (Aditi's husband and Divya's brother, antagonist)

  • Snehal Sahay Snehal Sahay

    as: Shalu

    Shalu (Chinu's wife, Hema's daughter, Kamna's mother, protagonist, presumably DEAD)

  • Samta Sagar Samta Sagar

    as: Amar's mom

  • Pankaj Bhatia Pankaj Bhatia

    as: Lallan

    Harsh's brother introduced into the family by Harsh to woo Mahua. He falls in love with Mahua, and instead tries to bring back Mahua together with her husband. Is almost married to Mahua but reveals the truth to the family about himself and Harsh.