'Gift of Love' for our Onscreen Couples..

On this Valentines day, we are suggesting some gifts for our reel life couples of television which will enable them to express their love in a better manner!!!

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On February 14th all across the world, candy, flowers and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St.Valentine and we celebrate it as Valentines Day! It is the day to recollect that world is  incomplete without love and affection. Hence, one should express our love when given a chance and thus celebrate Valentine's day!

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Even our small screen, "reel-life" couples wait for this day eagerly, as they wish to express their love for their better halves. Gifts carry your feelings and warmth for the person, and one wrong move or purchase and your love life could hit the rock! We at Telly Buzz have come up with a solution to help our small screen's much-in-love pairs in helping them find a perfect souvenir on this lover's day, which can impress and express their love to a great extent. Also we give our readers good situational songs to suit the mood of our pairs.


Ranvir-Ragini from Bidaai:We have just witnessed their love reaching the beautiful climax of marriage, and are now leading a perfect life in each others arms. Let's hope, wish and pray that their love remains pure and sacred in future as well, and is far far away from all the tricks and manipulations of the world. Now on this V-day, what gift should they give each other ? How about an  ifone or a video conferencing facility installed in their room, so that now they can also see each other while talking! After all, their love story started over the phone ,and now they deserve to even see each other whilst sharing love notes!What Say?? And Ragini can sing.."mere piya gaye office kiya hai wahan se telephone tumhare yaad satati hai..jiya main aag lagati hai" !

Armaan–Ridhima from Dil Mill Gayye:A perfect love story, where they have seen Love to betrayal, even cried buckets full for each other. Just wishing if they had told their friends earlier, they would have gathered enough friends' support to tackle the future Father-in-Law? At the moment, he is hell bent to separate this lovey-dovey pair!! As they are already lost in each other's eyes and there is no space for any gifts, so why not take advantage of this day and gift Dr.Shashank a VCD of his marriage where both Armaan–Ridhima helped him immensely to win over his beloved??? This might melt the heart of Dr.Shashank and he might agree to their liking each other! Our wishes are with you both. And as far as the song is concerned, they both should sing "Dr.Shashank jaan ka dushman hai hai hai...mere jaan ka dushman hai hai, jab ladka aur ladki raazi.."


Sumit-Kumkum from Kumkum: The love story which is there for the past 60 years or something and still going strong , may God save them from all evil eyes! Their Love has seen death, re-birth and separation, but nothing could come between their eternal love. Now to keep their love fresh and for another century and many more to come , they should give each other a "Time-and-Ageless machine", so that they can travel in future. This will guard them from dieing unnecessarily and going through the pain of separation again. It will also help them from getting old and they can remain young and beautiful forever, and here goes an ageless song for this couple "Sau saal pehle mujhe tumse pyaar tha, aaj bhi hai aur kal bhi rahega.."  Love Story-2050 will be remade on small screen with the same couple!!

Rishi -Simar from Grihasthi: Their married life until now was full of trust and blind faith for each other, but a certain Priya has changed the equation as Rishi is finding solace in her company. Now what gift they should give each other on this Valentine's day ? The gift which Rishi can give to Simar is "Binoculars"  to tell her indirectly, please keep an eye on me and stop me from falling further! While Simar should give him a new Wrist Watch as he comes late to every party and function she throws for him. So what more can Simar do so that Rishi forgets the third angle aka Priya?? She can gift Rishi a  "Red" t-shirt with Heart-Breaker written all over it, and an audio cd of  "stay away from the kiss of love", while viewers are busy singing  "Maa ka ladla bigad gaya"....

Prem–Heer from Kis Desh Main Hai Meraa Dil:Well, such a sweet and romantic couple they are!!  And alas, the the bomb blast incident has to separate this beautiful 'Hans Ki Jodi'... Then a revelation or an ageold twist that Gaurav is actually Prem, who lost his memory in the blast. So on this Lover's day, Heer should give him an annual supply of "Almonds" for better memory, even audience needs it thanks to the confusion of Gaurav/Prem Face off! Where as Prem can gift a 20 feet long Red dupatta to Heer, as she loves to flaunt them every now and then, and a beautiful song for them on this Vday will be "Nagme hain shikvay hain kissie hain baatein hai..baatein bhool jatti hain yaadein yaad aati hain.." Cheers to his lost memory..

Mayank-Nupur from Miley Jab Hum Tum:This couple is different for the lot, as they fight, argue, pull each others legs, yet love each other. A very adorable pair truly indeed, but unfortunately they are lost in the jungle at the moment and are finding it hard to come out f it! All our wishes are with them. As far as the gift is concerned, they should give a navigator or a GIS on this day , so that next time if they ever get lost in some jungle, they can come back home soon. But now that they are in the jungle, they can sing  "jungle hai aadhi raat hai lagne laga hai darr"

Yudhistar-Rani  from Raja Ki Aaygei Baraat: A tale of King and the maid's innocent love.Where the King is kind, brave and loving, the maid is cute, innocent and simple! This is what describes Yudhister and Rani.On this Valentines day, Rani should give her King dumbles as many are conspiring against their family, and he needs to maintain his pysique to save his family from conspirators and Yudhister can gift a portable washroom to Rani and her family in the village, so that next time he doesn't slip in Rani's house. Rani is singing all along -"sabki baaretin ayein doli tu bhi laya, dulhan bana ke humko raja je le gaye."..

Amar-Divya from Banoo Main Teri Dulhann:What a Love story...epitome of sacrifice and sincerity, where they died for each other in the last life as Sagar-Vidya! They have every right to celebrate this Valentines day in style, no matter how much trouble they are facing. With Sindora coming back, and due to the situational problems in their life, their love seems to have lost its shine and fragrance. So to save it they should give a book to the writers of the show named "How to add masala and new twist",  so that they can save this couple from disappearing from small screen. Meanwhile, they can sing and pray "Itni Shakti hume dena data man ka vishwas kamzoor ho na.."


Now we have suggested gifts to some of television couples. Why not you all also join us and dedicate gifts to your Favorite Couple and celebrate this Valentines with them as well!
Happy Valentines Day!



Concept and Author: Nishtha
Banner and Picture Credit: Shagun



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ar are so cute and sweet..............................................

14 years ago

lol great article
great song and gift choices specially ones for Rishi-Simar and Yuddhister-Rani
love Amar-Divya, Ranvir-Ragini & Premeer

15 years ago

I cant express how happy I am to see Mayur there!

15 years ago

They are just to cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 years ago

awesome!!!! superb :)
best couples:
AR n premeer rock! no comparison btw them!

15 years ago

its awesome.....AR is fav & best couple.....love them a lot....thanks a lot....

15 years ago

awwwwwwwwwwwww AR rock for life hehe
hope their problems get soloved

15 years ago

Armaan-Riddhima is my best couple ever..jsut lvoe them and loving the solution lol..shashu really does need to watch that VCD u lots suggested hehe..

x Mrs.KaranSinghGrover x

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that''s cute and so true...


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