Do Saheliyaan - Kismat ki Kathputaliyaan Cast & Crew


Vasudhara's Devi's daughter and Maithli's Bhua. She had fallen in love with Bhavri's chacha, they got married and escaped. No longer shown in the show

She supports Shaurya in whatever he does. Has seen both Bhavri and Maithli and knows that Maithli is Shaurya's wife.

The head of the Rajputs and Maithli's Grandma. She is a very strict lady, believes highly in caste. She has also broken all ties with Maithli since she supported her friend Bhavri

Is Maithli's dad, he is a soft spoken person and has a much more liberal thinking compared to his mom. Loves Maithli a lot.

This is Omkar's brother meaning Bhavri's Chacha. He eloped and married Roop and is no longer seen in the show now.

She is Bhavri's biological mother, she died while saving Maithli from the feud which followed after Badri and Roop's Marriage. Bhavri was around 10 back then.

Bhavri's Mother/cameo

She is the only daughter of Pukhraj Singh Garewal, a rich Rajput. She has always lived in a protective and orthodox environment. Her best friend is Bhavri, the daughter of a man who belongs to a lower-caste. Maithali is always calm, understanding and intelligent. She loves to spread happiness and believes in her friendship with Bhavri. Maithali has immense internal strength and always keeps her.

Bhavri is the daughter of Omkar Lodha who belongs to the Rabadi caste. She is loving and kind-hearted girl who suffers at the hands of her stepmother after her mother's death. She always remains deprived of mother's love. She loves her half sisters and brothers dearly and is almost a mother to them. Bhavri's best friend is Maithili, a rich and high-caste girl from the Garewal family.

Shaurya hails from a family of regal bearing related to the royal family of Jodhpur. They are rich and sophisticated and have inherited wealth. Shaurya is kind and dutiful and has chosen to serve the army.

Anadi belongs to a middle-class family who has enough to live by but can't be thoughtless and spend on luxuries. He loves his family dearly and is a dutiful son. Anadi rears cattle as well as has a mithai shop of his own. He is the bread-winner for the family.

Bhavri's dad. He is a nice man and loves his only daughter a lot, though is very poor.