Do Saheliyaan - Kismat ki Kathputaliyaan About

Do Saheliyaan - Kismat ki Kathputaliyaan is the story of friendship between two girls - Maithali and Bhavri. Despite their caste and class differences, the two girls are close friends defying all societal rules. While Maithali hails from a high-caste rich Rajput family and is brought up by loving parents, Bhavri is the daughter of a man from a low-caste. Bhavri's chacha falls in love with Maithili's bua but are separated after they elope and marry. In a feud that ensues between the two families, Bhavri's mother accidentally dies while saving Maithili. Bhavri is barely seven at that time and is later brought up a step-mother who often ill-treats her. Time passes and the girls get married. Bhavri gets married to Anadi and Maithili to Shaurya. The married couples board the same train for Mount Abu. However, the train meets with a big accident and in all the commotion Bhavri and Maithali land up with each other's husbands! Bhavri has never seen Anadi and Shaurya thinks that Bhavri is the right girl as he was shown her picture before. They start living together as man and wife! Anadi and Maithali land up together knowing well that they have lost their respective spouses. Due to circumstances they pretend to the world that they are husband and wife and eventually start falling in love. However, more twists are in store for Bhavri and Maithili. Do Saheliyaan - Kismat ki Kathputaliyaan shows how two friends make sacrifices for each other even though destiny has turned their lives topsy turvy!