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is this forum still open?

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Happy Birthday Alka

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Ishradivanluver 18 19443 13 years ago -Rinki-

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Do Saheliyan Help Desk - Ask Questions here only!

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Can someone post the ending

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what happened at the end of this show

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this show was stupid...

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DO SAHELIYAN was a good show !

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Raunaq Ahuja in sangini

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Raunaq Ahuja

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DS Newsletter Participate Now?

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Mouni Roy
Mouni Roy

as: Roop

Vasudhara's Devi's daughter and Maithli's Bhua. She had fallen in love with Bhavri's chacha, they got married and escaped. No longer shown in the show

Navneet Nishan
Navneet Nishan

as: Shaurya's Daadi

She supports Shaurya in whatever he does. Has seen both Bhavri and Maithli and knows that Maithli is Shaurya's wife.

Suhasini Mulay
Suhasini Mulay

as: Vasudhara Devi

The head of the Rajputs and Maithli's Grandma. She is a very strict lady, believes highly in caste. She has also broken all ties with Maithli since she supported her friend Bhavri

Akshay Anand
Akshay Anand

as: Pukhraj Singh

Is Maithli's dad, he is a soft spoken person and has a much more liberal thinking compared to his mom. Loves Maithli a lot.

Jatin Shah
Jatin Shah

as: Badri

This is Omkar's brother meaning Bhavri's Chacha. He eloped and married Roop and is no longer seen in the show now.

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