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DWTG Creation Gallery #1

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::::::Members Introduction Corner::::::

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Dilli Wali Thakur Girls Help Desk

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Name Game

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Sara Arfeen Khan Sara Arfeen Khan

as: Anjini aka Anji

Anji the eldest of all the sisters in the Thakur house, she is married and stays with her husband Anant who is a rich businessman. Anji is the prettiest of all and a perfectionist at heart, she always ...

Monica Sharma Monica Sharma

as: Chandralekha/ Chandu

Chandralekha is the typical Delhi kikuddi – rough, tough, won’t shy from abusing a guy if he tries to act fresh yet she can be all soppy and break down at the drop of hat. She loves advice ...

Meera Deosthale Meera Deosthale

as: Eshwari Thakur/Eshu

Youngest of all, Eshu is cool personified. She is a high school student and reflects today’s Indian youth. Not bothered about petty matters, always looking out to the future and is extremely ...

Shilpa Raizada Shilpa Raizada

as: Binodini/Binny

Second out of the five, Binny; Being a cribber she leaves no stone unturned to make a sorry state of hers. Even though she is blessed with two sweet kids ,a loving husband decent family she cribs ...