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Rita Bhaduri
Rita Bhaduri

as: Ahilya Devi (Nani)

Ahilya Devi, Runjhun's maternal grandmother, is the only one in the household who showers Runjhun with true love and affection. Her main concern is Runjhun's marriage and wants Runjhun to be blessed ...

Nivedita Tiwari
Nivedita Tiwari

as: Runjhun

Runjhun is a beautiful and simple girl who brings good fortune wherever she goes. Orphaned in childhood, she has been raised by her maternal grandmother. She stays with her three maternal uncles, ...

Sagar Saini
Sagar Saini

as: Rajju Pandey

The eldest son of the Pandey household, Rajjannath is hardly ever known by his real name. Popularly known as Rajju, he deals in the manufacturing and export perfumes. Rajju is self-centered and ...

Vaishali Nazareth
Vaishali Nazareth

as: Billo Pandey

The second daughter-in-law of the Pandey household, Billo is the prized possession of her husband Bantu who is dark, unattractive and slightly plump. Coming from a poor family, it was her fair and ...