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How to become a Coolbie?

Koeli 3 years ago

If you update for a daily soap, then you must be a regular updater for at least three months prior to promotion.

If you update for a reality show(1 - 1.5 hours /episode) you must be a regular updater for at least one month (i.e. 4 updates per month) to be considered for Coolbie promotion.

If you update for a weekly/bi weekly show then you must provide at least 2 updates per month i.e 6 updates for 3 months.

If you have been writing updates for three months or more for daily soaps (or one month or more for reality shows / or providing 2 updates per month for 3 months for a weekly/ bi-weekly show), please PM the Moderator / Viewbie of that section and speak with them about your chances of becoming a Coolbie. Also please remember to be consistent with your updates. Irregularity in providing updates may affect your promotion.

What should be the length of the written update?

Please provide a reasonable amount of detail in your update. It should not be brief and does not have to super detailed, kindly find an appropriate balance. We understand that sometimes you may not be able to provide a detailed update. However, please don't make this a habit. Likewise, please give importance to all the characters. An update is supposed to as unbiased as possible. You may not be a fan of a character, but others on the forum may appreciate him/her.


Are copying and pasting updates from other site with/without permission allowed?

Copying updates from other sites is strictly not allowed be it with or without permission. A member is promoted as a coolbie because of his/her hard work and not because of copying updates from other sites. Any member found copying updates from other sites with/without permission will NOT be promoted as a Coolbie.

Is being a Coolbie the next step to becoming a Viewbie/ Cool Viewbie?

There has been a considerable amount of confusion regarding what is a Coolbie. By definition, a Coolbie is someone who provides written updates on a regular basis (at least 3 months prior to promotion) for India-Forums. Now the confusion lies between a Coolbie and Viewbie. Being a Coolbie is not the automatic gate to getting promoted to a Viewbie. A Viewbie simply does not organize activities; there is a lot more that goes into the Viewbie role. With that being said, this doesn't mean you cannot climb up the ladder. If opportunities arise and you fit the criteria, you will be considered. However, as Coolbie any additional activities you do on top of providing updates is voluntary from your end and not mandatory criteria to be promoted further in the ladder!

credit : Ishan.

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