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How do I join the development team?

Minionite 3 years ago

Main Criteria:

Warnings - You should not have any active warnings. We do check every potential candidate's Warning Level history. 

Maturity - Promotions are not just based on who organizes contests or DOTW (Debate Of The Week)/ GOTW  (Game Of The Week) for the forum or who reports the maximum number of inappropriate posts. Sometimes, its easy to handle a forum when there is no opposition but once people start to divide into different fan groups , that's when we can see whether a candidate is able to handle the situation thrown at to them. Many members are not able to handle crisis and fights. We need members who are mature to handle criticism and also are not biased. A member who respects diverse point of view and shows tolerance even during heated debates , promotes/facilitates healthy discussion a role model in a forum . We look for members who exhibit following characteristics.
 Example :
1. Ability to remain impartial, open, and appear unbiased
2. Interaction with members with various temperaments
3. Ability to articulate thoughts to get their point across i.e language should appear non confrontational and unbiased.4.Members who are civil, composed ,polite, obey the rules, open and tolerant of alternative ideas.

Behavior -  We consider members behavior and interaction with others in a forum to be important. The development team members should set good example for other members to follow hence responsibility , peer interaction and good behavior is considered to be crucial. Do remember we check the candidate's history in both past and currently active forums during the selection process for eligibility.

Promotion also depends on other facts like
A) If additional Development Team are needed to handle a high volume of traffic in a section. ,
B) Some forums are difficult to handle and do need experienced Development Team members. for example: Forums with volatile fan groups/controversial reality shows ,
C) Forum traffic. If the forum runs smoothly without any problems or issues, the Global Moderators will look after the forum based on the forums activity and no Development Team will be added until they are needed there.

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