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How to become a viewbie?

Koeli 3 years ago

An ideal candidate needs to get involved in healthy discussions.  Please make sure that you do not spam the forum with one-liners or irrelevant topics just to make the section active. Participating in meaningful discussions will help you in being an ideal candidate for the section. Another point to remember is that criticism is perfectly fine if done in limits but it should not take the form of bashing. If you see any member involved in bashing or arguments please make the member understand his/her wrongdoing but please do make sure that in the process you do not involve in excess of moral policing. If the other member does continue to indulge in bashing simply report their posts and let the development team take further action.

Last but not least please be your self. Don't change your self to just become a Viewbie as later that might pose as an issue. 

Credit : Ishan.

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