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What all can I manage on the “manage my account” page?

Leenaaa 4 years ago

They are 4 options on the 'Manage my account' settings

  • Profile
  • Update Profile
  • Password
  • External logins
  • Two-factor authentication

Starting with,


  1. You can change your India Forums Username (once a year)
  2. The Users' Username Change log- All your previous Usernames and current one will be tabled with the exact time when you updated.
  3. Your Email address will be shown.
  4. Phone number (optional to add)

Update Profile

  1. You can manage to change your account password (by taking you to the 3rd option i.e Password)
  2. Adding your display name which is basically your name
  3. Forum Signature. User shows what you like by displaying an eye catching graphic/quotes/video
  4. Changing your profile/Avatar picture
  5. Accent color 
  6. Bio of your profile
  7. Gender
  8. Sharing your Social Media links 


Changing your password requires you to enter your new password twice to avoid typos. It prevents from causing trouble accessing your account in the future

  1. Current password
  2. New password
  3. Confirm new password

External log-ins

You can log in to India forums by using one of your existing accounts from

  1.  Facebook
  2. Google 
  3. Microsoft

Two-factor authentication

It is a method of confirming users' claimed account by scanning QR Code or entering a key into your two factor Authenticator app like Microsoft Authenticator for Windows PhoneAndroid and iOS or Google Authenticator for Android and iOS

Once you have scanned the QR code or input the key, your two factor authentication app will provide you with a unique code. You can also reset your authentication key however If you do not complete your authenticator app configuration, you may lose access to your account.

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